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In Perm started Denis Matsueva`s International festival

In Perm the second International festival of pianist Denis Matsueva this year will pass from February, 9 till February, 12th. The national actor of Russia will act in Perm and Berezniki with different programs which will not have something in common in any way with each other.

Together with the state symphonic orchestra New Russia Denis Matsuev has opened festival days Rakhmaninov`s third concert. As the maestro, this one of its favourite products whom the pianist plays from 13 years admitted. However in its execution this product has sounded for the first time in Perm.

At once after the vesper notice actors have gone to the remote place: today inhabitants of Berezniki are waited by not less fascinating program. Together with Denis Matsuevym the state symphonic orchestra " will act; New Russia soloists Alexander Buzlov, a violoncello (Moscow), and Boris Brovtsyn, a violin (Great Britain). Musicians will present a concert for a violin and a violoncello with Brams`s orchestra.

And while the basic symphonic structure will be on departure, in the Perm philharmonic society will pass competition among young musicians of edge. Most talented of them can win the grant of multi-region public fund New names which president is Denis Matsuev. Last year 12 executors from Perm have already received grants of this fund.

- the Major problem which I try to underline at each festival - to continue support of beginning executors, - Denis Matsuev explains. - Young Perm musicians at us already on a note, we also will help, include it further in fund projects, to invite in summer school New names .

the same evening the festival group will return to Perm where in Organnom a concert hall Schubert, Beethoven, Stravinsky`s compositions will sound.

the Third day will be completely devoted a charitable concert of grant-aided students of multi-region public fund New names . It is necessary to notice that the Perm festival has got support at federal level: together with the Perm regional philharmonic society its partner the ministry of culture of the Russian Federation has acted.

- This musical feast will allow public of the Perm edge to hear on a scene of a regional philharmonic society of the best Russian musicians to which fans of classical music worldwide clapped, - the minister of culture of the Russian Federation Alexander Avdeev considers. - thanks to a wide genre palette and executors, the festival will be undoubtedly interesting to investigators of different generations, will serve development of the best traditions of domestic art.

the program Will come to the end on February, 12th with a chamber musicale in which musicians from Italy, Germany and Great Britain will take part. In the pressing forward to advance philharmonic art Denis Matsuev gives concerts worldwide: in America, Europe, Japan. But, according to the actor, all spectators are equally valuable to it, and for performance before the Perm public prepares the same as for three days before in Amsterdam.

- has specially counted up is seventeenth my arrival to Perm. For me your city and public became native, as well as my native land - Irkutsk. Your city goes a correct course: the culture needs to be supported everywhere. An orchestra - the city card. I am convinced that besides a theatrical orchestra you should create a philharmonic orchestra constantly to play symphony concerts. However we still had problems which need to be solved in common. For example, a status of music schools. The pedagogical school is gradually scattered, and it is necessary to use the best efforts, that the best teachers did not leave a trade and did not leave Russia.

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Denis Matsuev - the Russian pianist and the public figure. The honoured artist of the Russian Federation (2006). The national actor of the Russian Federation (2011), the winner of the State award of the Russian Federation in the field of the literature and art of 2009. For today Denis Matsuev - one of the most popular pianists of the present who combines in the pieces of music own innovation and traditions of Russian piano school. Since 1995 the soloist of the Moscow philharmonic society. Besides concert performances, Denis supervises over many charitable to programs, trying to pay the attention to all regions of the country, holds children`s and youthful musical competitions, festivals.