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Museum PERMM has shown  destruction of a civilisation

Museum of Modern Art PERMM has presented permjakam new exhibition Recycle. Authors of the project, winners of the award of Kandinsky - 2010 in a nomination “ the Young artist. The project of year “ Andrey Blohin and Egor Kuznetsov have designed model of  destruction of our civilisation.

Heroes of weights - media, according to artists, will burst as polyethylene bubbles, and garbage tanks become a sacral sarcophagus for present artefacts. As a result everything that remains from us - automobile skeletons, traces on the snow, the deformed similarity of antique and biblical silhouettes and wearily breathing heated earth.

- There is a world of mass production where values quickly depreciate. Works of creative group Recycle set thinking that such mainstream, - the director of museum PERMM Marat Gelman explains the exposition concept galerist. - we constantly search for possibilities for the unique statement. And it not the criticism of a consumer society, is attempt to show the world in which we live, in an original foreshortening. Here classical elements have incorporated to the technological. The Italian Renaissance adjoins to polyethylene and polyfoam. And rukotvornost a work of art it is harmoniously combined with ultramodern technical decisions.

the Today`s exposition continues tradition of personal exhibitions of authors “ Russian Poor “. Its basic part is created in Tver and brought to Perm within the limits of the project “ the Cultural alliance “ the exchange of exhibitions between cities became one of which ideas. Today permjaki can see works from different projects of group Recycle for last five years, from collections of Museum of Modern Art PERMM, Moscow Multimedia “ art - the Museum “ the modern art Center “ M ’ ARS “ galleries “ Triumph “ galleries “ JU & M Gelman “ and private collections.

After official opening artists have led author`s excursion on an exhibition for all comers. The author of the project Andrey Blohin has told, as well as from what the exposition is created: the bright stained-glass windows created from thousand disposable shpazhek for a canape, show us scenes from “ Simpsons “ an eternal serial - a symbol of the beginning of 21 centuries. Penoplastovyj snow in glass became an embodiment of pocket model of infinity, and metal hoses and the plain rotary mechanism became dead water, the modern river without soul.

- We have tried to present an occupation layer of our earth, - the artist tells. - when archeologists dug out settlements of ancient Greeks, Greeks too not strongly rejoiced that we have found their chamber-pots and amphoras. And at us the culture, the life. In this project we dream, how there can be an occupation layer of 21 centuries - communications mediums, wires and more any nonsense. The material for work is found everywhere. One tyre cover have pulled down directly from street: it restlessly rolled near to studio.

In the work Recycle use the various mixed technologies which common feature is an application of synthetic materials, characteristic for our time. Artists at first press into soft plaster various attributes of the present - cellular telephones, wires, spare parts of cars. Then fill in the formed form with hot rubber. So it turns out “ hardened “ a present print - on similarity of prints of prehistoric bugs on a rocky ground.

the Exhibition will work from February, ninth till April, first, and, on February, 16th within the limits of the same project one more exposition on the second floor of a museum - " will be opened; Present to itself pleasure “.


Faina Balahovsky, the critic:

- Group Recycle, the first Russian artists of an epoch of commodity abundance and an omnipresent glamour, are really occupied by processing: banal, doomed to simple and short existence of plastic - in art, eternal plots - in modern materials, reasonable - in eternal, banal - in fascinating. The magnificent colour stained-glass windows created by them on closer examination appear a skilful combination shpazhek for a canape. In “ the Sarcophagus “ the garbage container - antique under the form, sotsrealistichesky under the maintenance is instantly identified. Their very modern “ the Rivers “ arise from fluid, coiling cables. Uneasy to break through all these transformations of creation and matter updating, but it is necessary to struggle - and here through layers of a transparent film reach for light and figure freedom, break through dense plastic of a head and a hand of prisoners in a synthetic captivity of characters. Without scorning the utilitarian function, objects equal on perfect and ennobled. Heroes from history of arts and the goods from a supermarket merge in updating ecstasy.