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At the Altay theatre will arrange Woman`s rebellion

on March, 8th at the Altay regional theatre of a musical comedy the premiere of performance " will take place; Woman`s rebellion . It is an original remake of that performance which has been put in 1975.  

Idea to revive the performance which literary basis became the Don stories Michael Sholokhov, the merited actress of RSFSR has some years ago submitted Love August. In the first version Woman`s rebellion the Love of Vasilevna played Nastju, the main heroine and the instigator of a female demarche. And now it will be Semenovnoj.  

- Ljubov Vasilevna operated on - female methodically and consistently. By a principle water sharpens a stone - the theatre director the Novel Ilyin laughs. - once I have surrendered and have told to the director - to director Konstantin Jakovlevu: And can remember an old kind comedy? . Kostja has read the play, and it very much was pleasant to it. Actors too have accepted this idea on hurrah. So all also was started turning. As the conductor we have invited from Novosibirsk the honoured artist of Russia, the winner of the theatrical award the Gold mask Ehtibara Ahmedova. I hope, it on - good will stir our orchestra. The winner of the All-Russia competitions Vladimir Perlin will be the ballet master. It too from Novosibirsk, works in the State academic Russian national chorus. Vladimir Emilevich is known to the Altay spectator on a musical the Violinist on a roof . And Victor Akimov - the main artist of Seversky musical theatre from the Tomsk region will be the art director. Such here at us the national team of Siberia has turned out.

According to Konstantin Jakovleva, it does not gather to modernise Woman`s rebellion : Today at directors not so it is a lot of plays, thanks to which spectator it is possible to plunge into other, more light and kind time, to have a rest from daily realities. It will be a retro - performance . That in it will correspond to modern realities so it is scenic equipment. On this statement the ultramodern videoprojector got in Germany (the theatre has bought it directly from firm - the manufacturer that, according to Ilyin, has allowed to save considerable means) will already work. The art director will have a whole spectrum of new possibilities, any more will not be necessary old-fashioned and dorogushchie risovannye backs.

One more native Woman`s rebellion as he of names, there was an honoured artist of RSFSR Yury Kashin. With the Soviet statement at it are connected tragikomichnye memoirs:

- There was a scene when me who have come secretly on appointments to Dunjashkoj, women have caught, have thrown on a bench and have decided to flog a nettle. Actresses so have dispersed that have torn off from me not only pants … And so have become puzzled that instead of as - that to cover all disgrace, have to the contrary recoiled! I lie, hands are connected … Then which - as with a skirt have covered. And when have started with bench to pull off after ekzekutsii in a stomach the huge splinter was thrust! After performance in hospital pulled out - 10 centimetres!. Thank God that we took this play. People were tired of unbounded war, shooting and a negative on screens. And this performance all is penetrated by love and warmth.   it so kind that at us and behind side scenes relations have changed, the troupe became more solid … In performance actually two rebellions. The first - women against muzhiks. On a header of the rebelled female population of the Cossack farm the inscription flaunts: you Give to the woman caress! . And the second - internal rebellion against Nasti which have lined women on confronting: And how there my husband copes with an economy, a leah instead of hungry it? .  

the history in Woman`s rebellion is and at featured actress Victoria Galtsevoj. After all it hereditary kazachka from Kuban: To me since the childhood a sign and a life of inhabitants of villages, their picturesque language, tremendous characters. In the play it is so capacious and it is juicy images are written out that at me heart fades. With impatience I wait for a premiere .