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Coal miners: Tremors are not a consequence of explosions

Explosive works on the Bachatsky coal cut there could not be the reason of tremors which were felt last night by inhabitants of Belovo, Gurevska and Leninsk - Kuznetsk.

These works as informs a press - Open Society service UK Kuzbassrazrezugol to which posesses a cut, were spent in the afternoon - at 12:45 and at 13:24 local time. That is why, as the assistant to the general director on Open Company manufacture " has underlined; Kuzbassrazrezugol - Vzryvprom Konstantin Peters, explosions could not provoke fluctuation of a terrestrial surface in the evening, the Ministry of Emergency Measures specified in information message GU across the Kemerovo region.

- The matter is that speed of distribution of longitudinal waves in a file makes literally 3 - 5 km/ milliseconds, that is, they extend practically at once, - Peters has told. - Therefore the explosions made on a cut (and our company gives the information on their carrying out on regional seismological station and in regional government of the Ministry of Emergency Measures), are not at the bottom of vesper seismic activity on February, 9th. Besides, at present on cuts Kuzbassrazrezuglja the system is applied, allowing to initiate separately each charge that gives the chance to reduce to a minimum seismic influence from explosion.