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Strengthening of frosts in Leningrad region threatens with new municipal failures

Within the next few days in Leningrad region strengthening of frosts that can cause municipal failures is expected. GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures on area warns inhabitants that at night and in the morning 10 - on February, 12th on region fall of temperature of air to - 28 degrees in places is expected. During the period from February, 10 till February, 14th in the majority of areas the daily average temperature of air will make 17 - 22 degrees of a frost.

Rescuers warn: strong colds can lead to the various emergencies connected with infringements of work of municipal networks. The raised loading warmly - and power supply can provoke to systems as a result major accidents which threaten with heat and light disconnects in the whole settlements.

Also in department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures predict infringements in work of the transport message, increase in an amount of fires at industrial targets. Moreover, danger of overcooling increases, therefore to people recommend not to leave whenever possible these days on street, or to try to be on a frost as less as possible.

Also rescuers take out the prevention to fishermen - from - for the developed weather conditions danger of failures of people and technics under ice on region reservoirs is saved.