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Russia named the most dangerous for the Internet - users the country

Almost 56 percent the Internet - users in Russia were exposed a web - to attacks. About it it is told in the report on cyberthreats Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2011, prepared Kaspersky`s Laboratory .

Thus, Russia has headed the list of the most dangerous for the Internet - surfing of the states. The second place, according to experts Oman (to attacks 54,8 percent of users were exposed) has occupied, the third - the United States of America (50,1 percent). In the report also it is noticed that for the year which has passed from the moment of the publication of the previous report, in a three of leaders there were notable changes. So, Russia has risen in a rating from the third on the first place, and the USA - from the fifth on the third.

According to the author of the report Yury Namestnikova, the statistican of collision with cyberthreats at a web - surfing shows level of aggression of environment in which the computer works. He has noticed that last year this indicator has grown as a whole on the world for 2 percent and has made 32,3 percent. It is remarkable that in the list safe from the point of view a web - surfing of the countries there were states of Asia and Africa is is connected by that files there extend basically through demountable carriers, instead of by means of the Internet.