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The Chinese company has provoked disappearance iPad from sale

After a train of courts which corporation Apple most advantageously won against competitors, it became clear: the one who will let out something which at least are bearing a faint resemblance iPhone or iPad, will immediately get to court and will rejoice that to it have only soldered in the milliard penalty, instead of have ruined.

However, the aforesaid concerns only civilised competitors - for example, Samsung. The South Korean manufacturer, despite naduvanie cheeks, nevertheless has conceded Apple on a number of positions. Unsuccessful courts in Germany have forced the company to let out the special version of tablet Galaxy Tab which does not break the patents, at disposal Apple. The not less successfully American corporation struggles and with the others pirates dared to let out something thin, with the touch display and without buttons.

But there is one market, where any Apple to nobody the decree. Speech, of course, goes about China. Clones iPhone which work on Android 6 there are issued and on sale. 0 (we will remind that Google has officially let out only the fourth version), there there is company Meizu which you will not intimidate any courts. And in the same place company Proview which the western mass-media already name " has located; the troll .

in 2000 Proview has registered in China, and also in a number of other countries, including Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico and some states of the European Union, a trade mark iPad . To the announcement of a tablet from Apple remains nine more long years. However in 2006 the American corporation in which assortment of production there were gadgets with a prefix i in the name, through false firm has got at Proview trade mark rights of use.

iPad has been announced in 2010, and after about a year the Chinese manufacturer of monitors - specialisation Proview was that - has submitted the judicial claim against Apple, having demanded to cancel the transaction of five years` prescription, and at the same time to pay how much - that there billions dollars. The reference to the court has taken place shortly after the financial position of the Chinese company has considerably worsened.

Also there was suddenly what almost nobody expected - the court has risen on party Proview, recognising the company as the present owner of the rights to the stamp iPad . That, in turn, has passed to active actions, having threatened to achieve an interdiction for export from China the tablets Apple collected at local factories. It already was the blow below the belt.

Having been frightened of possible charges in trade in the counterfeit production, some sellers have shown independence and have cleaned iPad from sale. The quantity of the withdrawn devices was insignificant, but interest of mass-media has appeared very high. All has ended with that the tablet has ceased to be on sale even in Chinese Amazon and other large on-line shops. Hearings went to Networks that the government of China is involved in loss iPad from roznitsy already (which has quickly enough kept separate, having declared that has to an event no any relation), and even that fact that the Hong Kong court has taken out a verdict in favour of Apple very few people has convinced. Anyway, Amazon does not trade in tablets till now.

Many observers converge in one: before recent time it was possible to very few people to click Apple on a nose. However, the east, as it is known, business thin, and Chineses for certain will present to us many new surprises - for example, will let out Android 9. 0 in couple of months, and at the same time will select at Apple the right to name the phones ajfonami . And after all the Chinese market is for corporation - and not only for it - one of the most perspective.