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Valery Vyzhutovich: to Become cheaper by order of habitation Vladimir Putin does not wish

sees enough possibilities that by 2020 to provide with new habitation of 60 percent of the Russian families, and to 2030 - mu to remove a problem completely. In the article justice Building. Social policy for Russia published in to Komsomol truth the prime minister recognised that today only the population quarter presumes to get or construct to itself new habitation. As he said, decrease in availability of habitation is conceived by many our citizens as decrease in quality of life in comparison with the USSR .

to Become cheaper by order of habitation does not wish. Search guilty of its dearness too does not give results, as well as any search of the simple decision of uneasy problems. The Office of Public Prosecutor periodically suspects builders of price plot, the Federal antimonopoly service (FAS) spends checks - and suspicions disappear: all is pure, the market is the market. If even builders have agreed, to prove such arrangement it is almost impossible. For this purpose, experts FAS speak, it is necessary to have either documentary certificates, or audiovideo records of the fact of arrangement. But the proofs bearing to steady rise in price of habitation, it is available. Apartments in Moscow go up in price on the average for 2,5 percent a month; the average price of square metre in capital makes today 81,4 thousand roubles.

Attempts to make habitation more accessible are undertaken constantly. With that end in view, for example, the Federal fund of assistance to housing construction development (RZHS) has been created. According to the head of the government, fund RZHS became the real force, capable to set a tendency in building . The base of this fund is made by inefficiently used earths of the federal ministries and departments, state enterprises and establishments. Them simply withdraw and give under low building. Here, - the prime minister considers, - cannot be any sacred cows . Thus the earth should be given to those who builds social, economic habitation and social objects - is free (in exchange for restriction of sale price of habitation) .

and a leah can be on a broader scale habitation accessible? Yes, probably. Only looking for whom. For the Russian figurants of magazine Forbs and even for what incomes while are estimated not in billions, and millions, it is already accessible. A leah becomes it on a pocket - we take other pole - to socially not protected levels of population? Never. This category of citizens should be provided by habitation at the expense of the state. We help to receive today habitation to veterans, officers of army, young families, - the prime minister writes. - we move people from shabby habitation where there are no human conditions for life. We have counted up the possibilities - till the end of 2012 we will allocate for habitation for veterans in addition 30 billion roubles more. I want to tell - we will continue and expand this practice, first of all for young families with children .

Demand not   corresponds to the offer   is   the main reason of exorbitant prices for habitation

However people wait for apartment the decades, many die, without having waited. Long expectation speaks in building total amount - it is insufficient. Demand in the real estate market does not correspond to the offer. It is the main reason of exorbitant prices for habitation. But not the unique.

we Take Moscow dearness of apartments in which became pritcheju in jazytseh. The inhabitant living in Irkutsk or Cheboksary, the price of square metre in a capital typical high-rise building, not to mention elite houses and penthouses results in shock. Muscovites quite philosophically concern the prices for habitation, understanding that these prices are defined by demand. And demand solvent, and here - that Moscow against the Russian province looks is inaccessible. Nevertheless capital governors the prices in the habitation market periodically urge to regulate. Thus the distinct explanations, what administrative resource and how can be used, we do not hear. As to elite houses their dearness is initially programmed and has social colouring. The apartment price in a low private residence in area gold mile (streets Prechistenka and Ostozhenka) is the price of the club ticket. Buying such apartment, the person gets not only excellent real estate, but also something bolshee - comprehension of the kastovosti, participation in not which elite with standards of consumption inaccessible to the majority.

On a broader scale to conversations that the capital habitation is unreasonably expensive, follows, it seems to me, to concern without narrow-minded ohov and ahov . Here the sober view is necessary. At least understanding that reduction of prices on apartments favourably not to Muscovites as it is represented to compassionate admirers, and first of all to visitors from other regions. To reduce the price of habitation in capital in practice means to lift a barrier before migrants (thus Moscow born and bred of the housing problems will not solve). So the price for apartment in Moscow is one of migration regulators.

to Reduce the price of habitation in   To capital in practice means to lift a barrier before migrants

square metres and because of corruption in housing construction Rise in price. building business, - Putin marks, - today sinks in coordination literally. Probably, two thirds of efforts and expenses of experts of civil engineering firms have on passage of variously built bureaucratic barriers, instead of on the manufacture organisation . Besides, according to the prime minister, it is necessary to get rid of artificial monopolism as builders, and suppliers of the basic building materials that will allow to reduce the prices for habitation on 20 - 30 percent.

to Provide by 2030 with new habitation of all who needs it, the prime minister does not promise. Direct promises in its article does not contain. It is a question of possibilities. They are available. And as the future government will dispose of them is already another story.