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In Moscow Region will erect more habitation the house-keeper - a class

By 2015 the habitation share ekonomklassa in total amount of erected real estate will make not less than 20 percent. Such data has informed in the ministry of building of Moscow Region.

And such habitation will be mainly low. At the prices the house or a townhouse in Moscow suburbs is comparable to apartment in capital. But only in Moscow for 5 million roubles it is possible to buy at the best two-room apartment in 40 sq. m. with a kind on an industrial zone, and in Moscow suburbs - the house almost in 200 squares fronting wood or lake. According to regional strojkompleksa, average cost of square metre now 63 thousand roubles. On 20 thousand it is possible to get " more cheaply; a square in those settlements which are erected with Fund RZHS participation (Fund of assistance to housing construction development).

What image possible to achieve depreciation? As the assistant to the general director of fund Andrey Shishkin has told, there is a whole series of measures of support of the companies - the builders realising projects on the ground areas of fund. It both the help in preparation and reception of the design documentation, in reduction of terms of its coordination in various official structures, and assistance in connection to engineering communications.

For 5 million roubles in Moscow it is possible to buy apartment in 40 sq. m, and in area - the house in 200 squares

And also a guarantee of the repayment to 35 percent of the erected low habitation. The main thing - the developer receives site already ready to development. Certainly, it receives it not gratuitously, and gets at auction, but that it is not necessary to put millions roubles on preparation of a platform for building, already big plus! all it allows to accelerate process of building and considerably reduces the cost price - Shishkin explains. In area the square metre maloetazhki, under construction with support FRZHS, manages to buyers from 40 to 50 thousand roubles that too is tried on on 20 - 25 percent more low, than on the average on the market.

According to regional strojkompleksa, in 2012 it is planned to construct a 3 million order squares low real estate. Approximately as much, how much was last year. As Alexander Chugunov has informed the deputy minister of building of Moscow Region, in 2011 in Moscow suburbs have erected 7,5 million in sq. m. of habitation. 43 percent from this volume are maloetazhka. Now to areas at full speed there is a building such 116 houses (to 4 floors), 79 settlements of townhouses, 118 cottage settlements. As Chugunov has explained, to reduce the prices for habitation it is possible at the expense of use of modern technologies of building.

It decided to try on pilot projects in Dmitrovsky, Istrinsky, Klinsky, Naro - Fominsk, Stupinsky areas, in Domodedovo and Losino cities - Petrovsky. However, in the majority these projects are in initial stages of realisation. Behind an exception New Stupino - the low city first in Russia - the companion. 15 multiroom apartment houses, 2 townhouses and 23 cottages are already constructed.

By the way

According to experts, this year the prices in the country market remain stable. By January 2013 - go increase will make no more than 5 percent.