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Macroeconomic indicators of the USA will allow to grow to the Russian market

Cyril Markin, an analyst of Investment cafe

On Thursday, on February, 16th, the Russian market has appeared entirely in the power bears . Indexes and could not get out on green territory and following the results of the basic trading session remained in a minus. RTS on closing has lost 1,2 %, having decreased to level in 1641 point, and the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has given on 0,6 % and it was fixed on psychologically important mark in 1570 points.

news about the next carrying over of terms of the definitive permission of the Greek financial problems became the Main negative factor of day. This time destiny of Greece promise to solve on February, 20th, and it calms a little, after all assumptions earlier were come out that this question can postpone till April, and it would mean an inevitable default. Nevertheless, terms are transferred any more the first time, and on March, 20th all is closer, and this day Athenes should pay on debts.

however, the American investors look ahead more optimistically, rather than Europe and Russia. The matter is that the block of macroeconomic indicators which was published yesterday by States, have practically coincided with expectations and where - that even have surpassed them. In particular, better the forecast there was data by quantity of primary references behind unemployment benefits. The indicator has made 348 thousand references for a week, besides that was expected 365 thousand And following the results of day trading platforms of the USA have shown harmonious growth. Index Dow Jones has grown on 0,9 %; an index of 500 largest companies of America S & P has added 1,1 %, off-exchange index NASDAQ has grown up on 1,5 %. Thanks to it the Russian market has on February, 17th a powerful occasion to win back the positive statistics and growth at stock exchanges of the USA.

In leaders of growth in the domestic share market yesterday there were AUTOVAZ securities. And ordinary actions, instead of exclusive which periodically arrange rally winning back idea about purchase by Renault alliance - Nissan of a package at the Three Dialogue. And the message on profit of Renault from a share holding of the Russian concern which Frenchmen own became the trigger to growth of quotations of AUTOVAZ, possibly. Others known the wide public infopovodov simply was not.

and here is worse than the market of have shown actions KAMAZa. And, by the way, about similar possibility your obedient servant warned earlier. Hopes on the classified information from Vladimir Putin, capable to disperse the quotation of securities of concern, itself have not justified. And I need to be reminded only that at achievement by level securities in 51,7 rbl. is better to leave in a cache, since After an ascension it is necessary to expect descending movement wherefore fundamentally growth is supported by nothing.

today, on February, 17th, it is necessary to expect enough quiet course of the auctions. At opening the markets will try to win back a positive background from America, and then the updatings will bring the factor of Friday . Separately I want to note the publication of the consolidated financial reporting of the Chemist`s network 36,6 following the results of 9 months of work in 2011. And if to start with dynamics of sales in comparable networks for 9 months results of group should not discourage at least.