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Half of inhabitants of the USA dislikes Russia

According to results of new poll of sociological service Gallup which has spent telephone interviews with tysjachju Americans in all states of the country, the most favourable estimations of inhabitants of the USA were received by Canada (96 percent), Australia (93 percent), Germany (86 percent), Japan (83 percent) and India (75 percent).

Russia exactly 50 percent interrogated, whereas positively estimate China only 41 percent.

Among the most unloved with Americans of the countries the first line is occupied with Iran which is considered positively only by 10 percent of respondents, and 87 percent are negative. It is curious that in 1989 Iran was regarded positively only by 5 percent of inhabitants of the USA.

the Rating of antipopularity of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria makes 13, 14, 15 and 17 percent accordingly.  

On this background it is remarkable that the rating of Cuba which the US State department with worthy the best application by obstinacy does not wish to exclude from the list of the countries - sponsors of terrorism, has essentially raised for the last year and now in the opinion of 37 percent of Americans freedom Island calls sympathies (last year those there were only 30 percent).