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Putin has urged to find balance between ecology and economic interests

Yesterday`s session the government has devoted to spheres of ecology and rendering of state services. Vladimir Putin has urged to find balance between environmental problems and interests of economic development.

Members of ministry have considered the project of bases of a state policy in the field of ecological development of Russia till 2030. we need to achieve sound balance between problems of economic development and requirements of preservation of environment - the head of the government has declared. As he said, the document is directed on settling this points in question properly, on - modern.

But meanwhile the modern situation leaves much to be desired. Putin has reminded that 40 % of urban population of Russia live till now in cities which experience difficulties with harmful emissions in atmosphere. However, recently efforts on correction of this position are undertaken. There are new standards and technologies, requirements to the manufactures become tougher, certain steps undertake also the companies, including metallurgical. The situation changes, and changes for the better, but there still it is a lot of problems - the head of the government recognised, and then has urged the colleagues to discuss them structurally.

Vladimir Putin has not missed possibility to tell and about that in sphere of state services the situation also changes for the better. And though the multipurpose centres rendering services to the population by a principle one window as he said, while it is not enough, in Russia it is already created such 600 centres.

The government presidium has considered the project of bases of a state policy in the field of ecological development of Russia till 2030

the Head of the government has reminded that federal authorities have started to render services to the population in electronic form, but here still it is necessary to eliminate many interdepartmental friction. The summer of current year will take the following step - to electronic service of citizens should pass regional enforcement authorities. The head of ministry has noted overall performance one window there, where such principle has earned. much changes for the better, and citizens are happy, but it is necessary to make more many - the prime minister has again reminded.

After session head minekonomrazvitija Elvira Nabiullina has informed journalists that by 2015 quantity of the multipurpose centres working by a principle one window will grow in 3,7 times and will make 2,4 thousand. As she said, they will appear in each municipal area and city district. Realisation of this program will manage in 17 billion roubles.

the Minister has underlined that at session the bill of expansion of practice of granting of the state municipal services by means of the multipurpose centres has been countenanced. as a matter of fact, 22 services, such as delivery of the passport or real estate check in, will be given in a mode one window - Nabiullina has explained. Also has added that is planned to raise availability of such form of services and to rural settlements.

She also has considered necessary once again to explain, the multipurpose centres what for are necessary. now in the country nearby 655 MFTS. This form is very convenient for citizens as is the major element of the service state. For example, standing in turns should not exceed 15 minutes, and MFTS these norms " try to maintain all; - Nabiullina has given an example. She also has noticed that personnel structure MFTS was formed of the former graduates of educational institutions who are polite enough and try to help citizens.