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Rambler - Maps have started mobile navigation

Service Rambler - Maps declared release of free mobile navigation for all mobile platforms. As they say in the communique, applications for Apple iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and navigators under control of WinCe are already accessible to occupancy.

Mobile versions Rambler - Maps contain data on 120 thousand settlements in Russia, from them about 2 thousand contain detailed elaboration up to the house. Both for cities, and for lines the actual information on the road traffic is displayed. Routes of movement in settlements and between them are under construction taking into account stoppers by the current moment. Besides it, the system remembers and analyzes a road situation in previous days.

In all applications vocal and graphic helps which help the user to be guided better in a way work, warn about maneuvers and dangers, developers mark. Also mobile maps are capable to warn about the chambers of control of speed established on road and lying policemen support a display mode of three dimensional maps, give the information on the nearest gas stations, cash dispenses, cafe and others POI (point of interest). Thus applications work both with receivers GPS, and with domestic GLONASS.

Navigating functions are supported now by the majority of mobile cartographical applications, including Yandex. Maps and Google Maps . However, vocal helps work not in all from them.