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The NATO will not interfere with the Syrian conflict

the NATO does not intend to interfere with the conflict to Syria as it was in Libya in 2011. It was declared by the secretary general of the NATO Anders Fog Rasmussen, passes “ ITAR - TASS “.

the North Atlantic alliance has on it no corresponding mandate from the United Nations Organization, Anders Fog Rasmussen who is on a visit in Ankara has declared today.

“ we do not have intention to interfere with a situation in Syria “ - head of an alliance has underlined. Thus he has denounced suppression of national performances in the SARAIS, resulted, according to the United Nations, to  destruction of six thousand persons since March, 2011.

Rasmussen has underlined that last year the accurate mandate of the UN Security Council on carrying out of operation against forces of former Libyan leader Muammara Kaddafi operated.

“ With reference to Syria these conditions are not present “ - the secretary general has underlined. The decision of the Syrian crisis probably only by the political transformations directed on satisfaction of democratic aspirations of the population, was noted by him. “ anybody from present leaders should not ignore people requirements “ - head of an alliance has specified.

the Secretary general of the NATO Anders Fog Rasmussen has arrived today to Turkey to discuss with the country leaders a situation in region and questions of cooperation within the limits of an alliance. The basic occasion to its visit is 60 - I anniversary of acceptance of republic in the NATO, however the parties planned to exchange also opinions on a situation in Syria, Afghanistan and on a problem of Cyprus.