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The former residence Tula eks - the governor will repeatedly expose on the auctions

the Hotel complex Bogucharovo near Tula (the former residence eks - the governor of the Pipe) today will expose on the auctions repeatedly. The information on it has appeared on an official site of the government of the Tula area. The first auction on the right of rent of this complex to 49 years has been planned for February, 7th, however, as have informed in a press - service of the regional government, interested persons in it to participate and was not.

the Initial size of an annual rent according to the report on market cost of leased property has made 11,9 million roubles. Independently to raise efficiency of use of this property at the regional authorities it does not turn out yet. According to the deputy minister - directors of department of ground relations of the Tula area of Natalia Kalashnikovoj, since February, 1st the cost of residence in this hostel for nonresident employees of the regional government has been increased by 15 percent.

Now standard number in 20 square metres manages to officials in 800 roubles a day that makes 24 thousand a month. This payment does not include a food and other services. Thus, already in February, have underlined in a press - service, the monthly income of the governmental hostel will make 300 thousand roubles. However on - former it is not enough of it to speak about profitability Bogucharovo .

At a meeting of the head of region with heads of a property complex of area it was found out that it not unique object which regional did not manage to be sold the Ministry of Property at auctions. According to the deputy minister - the director of department of property relations Vyacheslav Romanov, as a rule, the declared buyers does not accept the price. But governor Vladimir Gruzdev flatly refuses to bargain away not demanded property. If Bogucharovo expose on the auctions repeatedly any structures, in its opinion, it is better to use - for example, to reorientate in business - incubators.

And here at malicious defaulters of a rent the Tula authorities to the contrary select property. So, the ministry of property relations managed to return the big ground area on northern suburb of Tula.