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Two candidates apply for city fast - the manager of the Eagle

the Competitive commission has finished documents acceptance from applicants for replacement of a post of the head of administration of a city of the Eagle.

Documents were submitted by two persons - the former mayor of the Eagle Efim Velkovsky and the former speaker of the City Council Michael Bernikov. Competition is appointed to February, 22nd.

Career of Michael Bernikova for last months has undergone many changes. In December of last year it has been selected by the speaker of the City Council and has left a post of the head of the municipal enterprise. In January the parliament headed by him has sent in preschedule resignation of the mayor of the Eagle of Victor Safjanova. From it the moment new edition of the charter of a city has taken effect. According to it in a city also there was city post - the manager.

Many designate on this fast of Michael Bernikova. After resignation of the mayor it has combined from itself(himself) deputy powers, and the City Council has appointed its temporarily fulfilling duties of the head of administration of a city. That is now it is and. City island - the manager.

Its rival - Efim Velkovsky - with 1997 for 2001 already was the mayor of the Eagle. Then has passed in regional administration and many years worked as the assistant to the governor, supervised over department building and housing - the municipal policy. Recently Efim Velkovsky was the adviser of mayor Victor Safjanova.

By the way

the Contract from city - the manager will be concluded on period of validity of powers of the Oryol City Council of People`s Deputies - about day of the beginning of work of the City Council of new convocation.