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The situation with erection of nuclear station in Iran gradually clears up

Management of Iran counted that till the end of 2008 the first Iranian atomic power station in Bushere will be handed over in a system. The station is constructed by the Russian company of Joint-Stock Company Atomstrojeksport within the limits of the contract signed in 1995.

About when it is necessary to wait for start-up of the Bushersky atomic power station, the head of building Igor Mezenin has told.

: How many the Russian experts are now in Bushere?

Mezenin: Approximately 1100 persons. It is as much again involved the Iranian workers and experts. Now are carried out warmly - and electroinstallation works, are actively conducted starting-up and adjustment tests. The Iranian firms carry out concrete and painting and decorating, is engaged in a territory accomplishment.

RG: That you can tell about the conditions of life created for the Russian builders?

Mezenin: We live in the Russian small town which Neruga is called. In translation into Russian it means Energy . The basis is made by the available housing which has remained still from German firm KWU which began a construction of this block. These are small cottages.

In settlement there is a kindergarten and school branch, and also stadium with a tennis court, a football ground, basketball platforms and swimming pool. The small town territory is protected by the Iranian police.

With supply by products of problems is not present. Very much a wide choice of dairy products, tasty juice. About fruit and there is nothing to speak.

the Settlement is located in evkaliptovoj to a grove, it is literally in several hundreds metres from Persian gulf. We have fenced off beaches for bathing: Men, naturally, bathe on - European, and ladies - in leggings and T-shirts with a long sleeve, in a hat or a scarf. It is necessary to respect local norms of behaviour.

RG: As business trips of experts on atomic power station building are organised?

Mezenin: People come basically for a year. Some firms consider expedient arrival of experts for shorter period.

RG: People are long time in the distance from native places. Whether there are problems with discipline?

Mezenin: Certainly, everyone happens. The personnel is made basically by men. Sometimes it was necessary and to send people for infringements of a mode of residing. But it happens extremely seldom. In general here in the country the Prohibition.

RG: What usually operating conditions at the Russian experts?

Mezenin: In Iran very heavy climate, high humidity. From May till September happens degrees 40 in a shade. At us the eight-hour working day. But, as a rule, at engineering structure it is stretched on 11 - 12 hours. Work begins very much early. At me the first detour of object in six thirty mornings, evening operativka at 17 o`clock.

RG: What relations with local administration?

Mezenin: We in constant contact to the customer. At regular meetings the questions connected with delivery of executed works and financing are solved. It is daily and laborious work with our Iranian colleagues.

RG: whether Can name rough time for completion of building?

Mezenin: The matter is that the project was tightened. There were problems with financing. But now the situation is levelled. Gives to hope that fact that in December 2007 - go - January, 2008 on object nuclear fuel has been delivered.