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On Chukotka the journalist hardly has not beaten the archbishop

Yesterday in the Anadyrsky and Chukchi diocese where bishop Diomid has been discharged of a post, again there was an incident. Employees of diocesan management have tried to prevent autocratic export from territory of a temple of Preobrazhenija Gospodnja of the container with unknown contents.

As it was possible to learn, supporters of bishop Diomida being under a ban priests of the Anadyrsky diocese - archpriest Vasily (Bajdachenko), celibate priest Spiridon (Baharev), ierei Vasily (Mezentsev) and Alexander Belyj have tried to take out this mysterious container. They were helped actively also the independent journalist by Galina Simonov, the director of one of capital religious newspapers.

Began to find out, on what basis container export is carried out. But neither subordinates of bishop Diomida, nor the driver of the truck crane caused by them have not presented any papers - were absent as the documents certifying the property rights to the container and its contents, and the demand for export.

- the Journalist with assistance of forbidden in svjashchennosluzhenii the priest of the Anadyrsky diocese iereja Alexander Belogo has applied physical strength in relation to archbishop temporarily operating to the Anadyrsky diocese Khabarovsk and to Priamursky Mark, unexpectedly having attacked archbishop Mark and together with the priest White has tried to tumble down it on the earth, - have informed in a diocese.

the Correspondent managed to find out that, according to Sacred synod, the religious edition headed by Simonovoj, is almost oppositional and it is forbidden for distribution to temples and Russian Orthodox Church monasteries. In the special letters dispatched to priors, affirms that it Is harmful to church, brings in Wednesday of orthodox Christians spirit of a lie, rasprju and division .

Church figures consider, what exactly the persons, standing up for such media resources, provoke occurrence of similar conflict situations in church, spreading false representations about Christianity.

As to most former disgraced Diomida operating a diocese it, according to some information, now stays in the remote settlement Schmidt`s Cape at the Arctic coast of Chukotka. In July it has evaded from a meeting with the arrived Mark temporarily operating a diocese and has left Anadyr. To the lord it was necessary to accept for lack of the former ruling bishop authorised, administrative and financial documents, keys from temples, the press of a diocese in the presence of representatives of militia and Audit Chamber of Chukchi autonomous region.

However the part of keys and the seals remained for the former owner then Mark has complained in Office of Public Prosecutor of plunders in the diocese entrusted to it. Supporters of Diomida found it an appeal to the secular power to interfere with intrachurch trial on initial questions. Nevertheless law enforcement officers have withdrawn documents from a warehouse of a temple of Preobrazhenija Gospodnja in Anadyr and have sealed up.

Yesterday the temporary managing director the Anadyrsky and Chukchi diocese archbishop Mark was inaccessible to journalists: investigating bodies worked for it in an office.