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Hundreds children from South Ossetia will have a rest in the next Dagestan

More than six hundred persons from South Ossetia - women and children - have gone yesterday to summer camp Oaklets around the Dagestan city of Kaspijska. As have informed in the ministry of affairs of nationalities of the North Ossetia, refugees from unrecognized republic will stay in Dagestan until their destroyed habitation in Tshinvale and other settlements will be restored.

- it is not known Even not while, for what term people there will go. As soon as will where come back - for now with children it is simply impossible, - then will return. Many of them already are torn home. But Dagestan is both mountains, and the sea which many of them did not see before, therefore children with mums can have a rest properly there, - tells a press - the secretary of the ministry Alla Tsibirova. - All expenses - a food and residing - were incurred by the Dagestan party. It has given also ten buses for a trip.

For kid David it will be the trip first in life to the sea and in general the first big travel, short of that dreadful trip when it with mum took out from the village Satigari grasped by the Georgian armies in the south of republic. According to psychologists, for jugoosetinskih children stay on the sea - the best means for restoration after the stress endured by them.

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