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For death rate decrease at road accident the state will spend more than seven billions roubles

the scheme of allocation to regions of grants for realisation of programs on prevention of consequences of road accident on the Russian roads is definitively defined. Today prints the governmental order About financial maintenance in 2008 at the expense of assignments of the federal budget of the actions directed on perfection of the organisation of medical aid by the victim at road accident .

Now grants are given on the basis of agreements on realisation of the actions concluded under the form, confirmed minzdravsotsrazvitija. The sums of allocated means on spetstransport and equipment purchase are specified also.

Under the data resulted recently by the Minister of health and social development of Tatyana Golikovoj, Russia wins first place in the world on breakdown susceptibility on roads. During failures of 40 percent of victims die, and without having waited first aid, 60 percent - in the course of nonprofessional transportation. According to the minister, this year within the limits of work on the National project Health in which frameworks pass the basic actions of the help suffered from road accident, there were new lines of activity. This perfection of the organisation of medical aid by the victim and development of service of blood. we have allocated them, - has explained the minister, - as death rate and a traumatism on roads at us very high, and perish in failures and people of able-bodied age, as a rule, having a high educational level and professional qualification " are traumatised;.

As to work of the program the national project provides some ways of struggle against high death rate on roads. Among key points - equipment of the medical institutions located along federal lines, the newest diagnostic both medical equipment and new reanomobiljami. Now this process is already almost complete on a line Don - Moscow - Novorossisk. The road is divided into 49 zones of responsibility, and the hospital equipped with the new equipment and cars " is fixed to everyone; first aid . During the periods of special congestion of a line (basically in the summer) doctors will be on duty together with employees of traffic police as soon as possible to arrive on a scene. It is in the long term planned for patrol of a line and evacuation suffered to use the helicopter.

By the end of 2010 the system should be built on all federal roads. It will manage to the federal budget in 7,5 billion roubles. From them this year will master 3,2 billion. In minzdravsotsrazvitija count that by this time it will be possible to reduce road death rate in one and a half time, and it is 15 - 20 thousand persons for three years. Rough arithmetic calculation shows: to prevent one human death, the state should spend about a half-million of roubles.

we Will remind the reader that this year the government has decided to improve two lines: M - 3 (from Moscow to border with Ukraine through Kaluga and Bryansk) and M - 4 (Moscow - Novorossisk through Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar). Grants from the federal budget are allocated for purchase of new technics to Krasnodar territory, Bryansk, Voronezh, Kaluga, Lipetsk, Moscow, Rostov, Tula areas, and also Moscow and St.-Petersburg.