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New rules of fencing: presented Russian tactics concede to a mad pressure of contenders

Probably, the defeat reasons are is better visible and from outside. About failures of Russians the special correspondent talks to the numerous world champion Hungarian Ene Kamuti.

: Ene, you, on - to mine, have won the first tournament against us, in Moscow?

Ene Kamuti: Yes, in the middle of 50 - h. Also rejoiced, as the child. To win against Russian, moreover in Moscow is was considered as the impossible. Well and the command at you has gathered: Sisikin, Zhdanovich, Sveshnikov... Any duel was for them solving. They could not concede, even when fight already solved nothing. Also were noble, fair children with whom it is pleasant to communicate.

RG: That then occurs here, in Beijing?

Kamuti: Accident which the nobody`s imagination could not and present. What for a command? Resistibility level has fallen to zero! To me it is insulting.

RG: You do not leave a fencing Palace, see all fights. In what the reason?

Kamuti: I know that at Russian fehtovalnoj federations there was a good and true sponsor. Matter is not in any financial complexities. From outside the reason seems especially internal. I can not vstrevat in another`s affairs. But fencers leave on a path any doomed. Where Russian daring has got to? Where emotions for which you always were famous?

RG: That can explain a failure?

Kamuti: rules Recently have changed. And technically presented, as well as thin tactics, concede now to an impact, a mad pressure. Force and physical preparation is more important now than technics and tactics.