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The American swimmer Michael Felps has become rich

In the USA to the Olympic champions pay a little. Fencers - sablistki frankly admitted to me: these of ten thousand dollars that we will receive for medals, will go on pinats that is on nutlets. So 80 thousand for eight victories - for Felpsa real nonsense.

the Manufacturer of sportswear Spido in which suits Felps acts, has immediately paid to it, as well as promised, 1 million dollars that it has surpassed a record of Spittsa in quantity of the medals won on one Olympic Games. Also it is only tiny shred from Michael due.

Michael and had before rather a large-scale contract with one of the largest sponsors of the Olympic Games. On a credit card the swimmer received some millions for his face occurrence. Right after eight medals and seven world records this sum has increased not on and many times over .

It is prolonged, and on much more favourable conditions, one more important agreement in the financial plan with the world famous manufacturer of hours. As tell to me of the colleague - journalists from the USA, Felps is literally for some days has rushed into a three of the most highly paid sportsmen of the world. Football player David Bekhem and a star of a golf of Tajger Vuds from them 80 - 86 million dollars of the income if advance Felpsa, absolutely nenamnogo. But also Felps only in the beginning of the big way.