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Refugees: At the Russian border we have understood that God is

to Troy of days woods, at the nights she ran to the Russian border together with the vosemju small children - and two elder sons and the husband remained in South Ossetia to protect the republic.

Lived Lolita and Aslan with the ten children it is rather poor, but it is amicable. For fun inhabitants of settlement Tebet named mountaineers, but no mountains here existing. Tebet - almost suburb Tshinvala. A house about four and a half rooms it became small, and they began to build the whole world - all family - the house nearby more that on all has sufficed. Had time to construct only big, but a strong cellar. This cellar also has rescued all family when city storm has begun.

Aslan Sagkaev worked in migratory service, but never thought that itself can become the compelled migrant. Lolita Kabisova, having married, a surname has not replaced, though such united family in district was not to find. Lolita did not work anywhere and why - it is easy to guess, having seen its own children: to Peter 21 year, to Vadik 20, the Sarmatian 17, Amine 16, Valery 15, Ilone 14, Aslan 10, Boris 7, Soslanu 5 and mladshenkoj to Linda of 8 months. Raised all family corn yes a string bean, planted hens, that and ate.

Elder sons a trade have chosen the man`s: one served in OMON, another in SOBRe. Their father has risen in numbers of civil guardsmen. And consequently when the Georgian armies have entered into a city, only Lolita with younger was at home.

- While there were bombardments, we hid in the big cellar, - Lolita tells. - children and are afraid now of loud sounds... Amina when us bombed, terribly shouted, and five years` It is banished only lowed and it was shaken; here and now, as soon as hears a sound of the flying plane, starts to low and shake. In the first war of children at me was five, and seniors - they even as - that to war habitual steels. And younger now were afraid awfully. That day there was a shooting, and then we have heard a sound of tanks, and neighbours were delighted, have decided that it, probably, the Russian parts have approached, and we began to get out of a cellar. And four OMON fighters that went by, have run to us and began to shout: hide children, same tanks Georgian! Then began to shoot, and all four OMON fighters have fallen zamertvo. But they have rescued us, and we with children had time to return to a cellar.

Till the night hid in a cellar and dreamt only of one - to reach Russia, - Lolita continues. - native at us there was not, but we knew that there - our rescue. Have released hens that to enemies have not got in the evening, and have started on a way. Three nights woods made the way on the north, mladshenkuju Linda was born by me. It is banished too could not to go, and it was born by brothers. Saw killed - children, women, old men. But had time to hide. When have crossed the Russian border, have understood that god all - taki is.

Today the big family, as well as still many refugees, have sheltered in the Bogojavlensky Alansky female monastery that under the North Ossetia city of Alagir. - the pond, wood, small river - help to forget divinely beautiful places about the transferred horrors.

- the Main thing that when have helped them to contact South Ossetia by phone, - it has appeared that the husband and elder sons are live! - speaks and. An island of the director of a monastery Ekaterina Tsalieva.

the Rehabilitation centre in this monastery has been constructed by the local Russian authorities for children who have suffered in Beslan tragedy. Then thought: here will treat kiddies - and further the centre is useful only for good deeds and about troubles here will forget...

Today convenient rooms were useful for reception of refugees. Townspeople bring here meal, clothes - at whom that is. Arrives here free of charge and about hundred copies - from it refugees daily learn, how affairs on their native jugoosetinskoj to the earth.

- And back - that pulls?

- I have endured such fear, - Lolita speaks, - that home I will return, only if the border with Georgia is present and if Russian return to South Ossetia.