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In Russia the parallel bank system working through the Internet

In   is created; Russia the parallel bank system working through the Internet in which rotate hundred billions roubles is created, the chairman of bank subcommittee of Committee of the State Duma on the financial market Pavel Medvedev has informed. As a matter of fact, it is a new kind of financial pyramids. Unlike the real credit organisations virtual banks are not regulated by state structures.

Virtual currency

New technologies open possibilities which the legislation has not time to reflect, - Pavel Medvedev has explained. - for example, now the telephone companies began to render service in remittance of clients from one account on another. This operation is, of course, very convenient, but is illegal. Similar remittances should carry out only banks .

They, by the way, are and on the Internet, here virtual banks without the licence only work. Thus, has arisen parallel monetary - credit system which is not supervised by tax service and is not regulated by supervising bodies. moreover, - Medvedev continues, - today on the Internet there were already such designs which suggest any user most to create settlement system. Technically it is quite real. That is banks at us can breed now absolutely nekontroliruemo. To people offer, at first sight, quite legal services, for example remittances. But a problem that are legal - that they only in real bank system! All it, naturally, creates simply fantastic risks for investors of virtual pseudo-banks .

As the head of committee on payment systems and to the organisation of calculations of Association of the Russian banks Yury Maltsev has explained, creation of the official credit organisation demands the capital in 300 million roubles and occupies not one year. Besides infringement game rules in the market can deprive suddenly the credit organisation of the licence, and its owners - all investments. And creation of virtual bank is carried out on the basis of the law on the commercial organisations and demands all 10 thousand roubles and about a month of time. The exit qualification on the market for such organisation is almost equal to zero, therefore it has absolutely nothing to lose, except the future incomes. Which, by the way, if something happens it is possible to translate very quickly in other same again created commercial organisation.

the Low qualification of an input on the financial market and absence of any control over operations - here the basic consumer properties newly appeared ecash . And attempts to legalise their issue and the reference out of official bank sphere are already undertaken by some advanced businessmen. The virtual currency brings such superincomes that for its legalisation the great number of lawyers is involved. All expenses will pay off with interest.

Whose money podpityvaetsja virtual system? First of all it is money of citizens. They arrive in system through terminals of electronic payments or through any point which accepts population money. Citizens translate them on requisites of a certain company which they find in the Internet. Also have an opportunity to use and even to buy the goods, paying off electronic currency . Besides, services the electronic finance already businessmen who do not wish " with might and main use; to shine the calculations before supervising bodies or simply thus leave from taxes. Well and itself Virtual bank stores the money for the account of known real bank any one to it. And for it it simply client - same, as well as all the others.

According to Yury Maltsev, newly appeared virtual banks share on three basic categories. The first emit instruments of payment for rendering of settlement services to dealers is their principal view of activity. The second render standard communication services, for example as the Internet - providers, and have advance payments of physical persons on accounts. They use this money for rendering of financial services to the third parties and have from it the quite good income. Is also the third which ostensibly render settlement services to the population, using ecash cards and other elektronno - payment attributes and covering with that primary activity - remittance of the population in favour of the third parties. As a result, than elektronnee There is money, the it is less in them requirement as in the specific form of calculation. And already now distinctions between electronic money and electronic calculations under accounts differ only degree podnadzornosti operations and the most financial activity, and also level of risks for the population. According to Yury Maltsev to calculate the sizes of monetary operations in virtual bank system it is almost impossible. But, under its assumptions, its annual turnover reaches about 10 billion dollars.

In the Internet - on earnings

Russians What for come to the Internet with the money? It appears not only faster to make any transfer. People go to the Internet behind money. After all thanks to virtual monetary - credit system earnings on the Internet gradually become real. And in it there is nothing bad - silly not to use possibilities which give new technologies. A spectrum of trades on the Internet the big: from the system administrator or the programmer to the journalist - the freelancer (free the artist in-home). It is possible to carry out also single orders, for example on a set of texts. But for qualitative performance of work certain professional skills are required. Besides quotations, for example, on typing are rather insignificant - 10 - 15 roubles for typewritten page. And earn notable money the one who devotes to sitting behind the keyboard of the computer a lot of time can only and thus prints not two fingers, and at least vosemju.

So while with the good salary on the Internet it is not enough real offers. But excessively what promise fast and high earnings on the Internet. But actually do not give such possibility. Therefore it is necessary to be sceptical about advertising appeals like: Want to earn 10 000 dollars without leaving the house? Then to you here! . But to consider them, of course, costs then not to reproach itself for the missed benefit .

happiness Letters

One of the most advertised ways of earnings, including with the help spam - mailings, - so-called happiness letters . On the one hand, all seems simple enough. At first it is necessary to pay the small sum to be registered in system, and then, involving people, to receive certain financial bonuses. However such a network pyramid it is short-lived. And even if to you will carry to co-operate with it long enough time probability to find really considerable quantity of friends and companions, in addition to involve them in this doubtful business it is insignificant. Among other things, there is an every prospect that after that you simply will lose the friends and companions.

the Increasing popularity is got also by original virtual substitutes of a reality, being in which, it is possible not only to have a good time, but also to earn real money. Of such it is possible to carry online to one - game Second Life. Having started to win hearts of users since June, 23rd, 2003 on the end of April of last year, it totaled about 6 million users. And though active online - life from these 6 million conduct only about 1,3 million person, it is very high indicator. Each new inhabitant of this virtual Universe for 9,95 dollars a month can get 512 square metres online - the areas and to develop on them the business: to build shop, to open a stock exchange, the newspaper or marriage agency. And for sold to the same users - to inhabitants the virtual country services or the virtual goods can be received lindendollary which then to exchange on real green at the rate nearby 270 to 1.

the future of this original matrixes foggy. However it is possible to tell one: at a known share vezuchesti, ability not only to offer something new, but also to realise the ideas it is possible to earn not bad.

it is indisputable, in itself possibility of earnings and payments through the Internet is good and convenient. But while it is unsafe, pos kolku both virtual money, and system of electronic calculations can   to use swindlers. According to Pavel Medvedev to turn all it in a correct channel, creation of the new legislation at all is not required, all necessary articles already are in the existing law on bank activity. It is necessary to spend only its some audit taking into account new technologies. all business in pravoprimenitelnoj to practice, - is confirmed by Medvedev. - Though to blame law enforcement bodies that they at all do not stop activity of electronic swindlers, it is impossible. This year, for example, they have opened electronic financial pyramids in Murmansk and Cherepovets. But specificity of a virtual financial system is very difficult and demands special knowledge to distinguish lawful activity from the illegal. Therefore it is necessary to develop special instructions for law enforcement bodies. And, of course, it is impossible to admit deterioration of the legislation by acceptance of laws, legalizujushchih uncontrollable the operation state on the Internet. And such attempts are .