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10 years ago in Russia there was a default

All country till now cannot forget, as 10 years ago in Russia there was a default. Whether

it was possible to avoid it? What lessons were given by crisis to our country? Whether it is necessary to be afraid of repetition?

- it seems To me, crisis could be avoided, - expresses the point of view eks - the head of the Moscow representation of IMF in Russia, professor GU - VSHE Martin Gilman.

In September there is Martin Gilmana`s book the Default of which could not be . The book will be interesting to those who wants to understand the default reasons, it is possible to find answers to all questions in it, except one: Who is guilty?

- the List could include too many names, - Martin Gilman explains. - It is necessary to understand that crisis does not have guilty people, it does not occur in one day.

the Same point of view is expressed by the former first deputy of the chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Sergey Aleksashenko:

- the Default became result of economic policy throughout several years, - he speaks. - it could be avoided, if the state conducted accurate economic policy.

Sergey Aleksashenko urges to concern an economic crisis as to painful, but to quite usual event. Crisis helps to get rid of imbalance in the state budget.

- Now in the budget of Russia there is an imbalance, - Sergey Aleksashenko speaks. - And at such prices for oil crisis in Russia is hardly possible.

the Russian economy operates within the limits of global economy which is now very astable, economic crises occur in America, Europe, Asia. But despite it Martin Gilman does not consider that in the near future Russia should be afraid of crisis.