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For the countries of New Europe the world on - former it is black - white, Michael Margelov

considers the NATO is not ready to turn off cooperation with Russia. Council Russia - the NATO will live. Probably, it will undergo any changes both under the form, and under the maintenance. But is obvious that to the North Atlantic alliance, military - the political union uniting the countries the Atlantic Europe existence without cooperation continuation in sphere of safety with the main Europacific country - Russia absurdly.

For the countries of the NATO cooperation with Russia is not the momentary decision, it is necessity. The necessity dictated by geopolitical position of Russia, as the enormous territory acting as a link between Europe and Asia, and also between Europe and America. Our country is for the European Union and the NATO also the huge transport corridor which value was showed last years not only in economic sphere, but also in safety sphere. After all through Russia there is a NATO transit to Afghanistan. Without Russia there would be impossible stable deliveries on supply of the NATO contingent conducting antiterrorist international operation in territory of Afghanistan.

annoyance of the American administration Is clear. Present republican an office spent. And if the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has to supervise over the country a minimum three more with superfluous year for US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice in the near future waits or a place of honour in any brain the centre or returning in oil business. And again, as when - some years ago, it is possible to assume that that open spaces of Persian gulf will be ploughed by the tanker which has been named in due time by a name of the present state secretary Condoleeza Rice .

the Present republican administration of the USA in the rigid nervous reaction to a situation in South Ossetia has dumped from itself all masks. Slogans of election campaign of republican John McCain: to exclude Russia from the eights to put Russia in country position - the derelict, to clean Russia from all a little - malski the significant international organisations - have got support at the highest level. High-ranking officials of the American administration have joined in election campaign of republicans.

It it is no wonder. In the end of August - in the beginning of September will pass two congresses: congress of democrats in Denver (Colorado) and congress of republicans in Minneapolis. Bush`s finishing political career the republican administration, it is necessary to render to the senator - to pensioner McCain the greatest possible support. To make it in Iraq it is impossible. Successes there are not present. To make in Afghanistan - too slozhnovato. The democracy incubator has not turned out and there. Successes in the country actually also are not present. On what to report? There is nothing. Therefore it is necessary to rescue urgently small freedom-loving Georgia which is trampled down again by a malicious Russian bear.

the Occasion quite obvious. After all president Michael Saakashvili shouts today loudly, at times even is hysterical concerning that democracy in Georgia perishes. But, excuse, perishes from what? What the genocide the Ossetin is stopped? What to Dzhigits Saakashvili any more do not allow to kill civilians with impunity? What at last - that is chance of achievement of universal settlement, stability achievement of Southern caucasus?

it seems To me that rather quiet reaction of the NATO to an event now on Southern caucasus, is absolutely pragmatic. I am far from thought to assume that someone very strongly loves Russia and for this reason does not want to punish our country. I am far from thought that at our country is too much heart-felt friends in the West and in the east. But me it is absolutely clear that a pragmatism in the modern European policy much more serious size, than ideologizirovannost present American foreign policy.

the American administration first of all is movable by ideas of Messianizm. Several months ago at the International conference on safety in Southern Asia I have asked the American Minister of Defence Robert Gates, than the American foreign policy - first of all is guided by ideology or a pragmatism? Its answer was short: yes . In it yes there was all. And that Americans want to move forward, conducted by slogans about the exclusiveness. And that the American administration on - former dreams to build the world on - American . And also that the present American administration is not ready to live on Kissindzheru . After all one of the main ideologists of republican foreign policy - doctor Kissindzher - always called this for the real policy, to the policy which is starting with real conditions and principles of a pragmatism. And the pragmatism, according to the logic of things, should push the American administration towards cooperation with Russia.

I am far from seeing a present situation through pink glasses. I am far from assuming that on termination of a meeting in Bruxelles all questions to our country will be removed suddenly. The more important also is more significant to us today to explain and in the world, and to our citizens from what we proceed in acceptance of our decisions on Southern caucasus. Namely, why we are compelled to open this abscess which has got to us in the inheritance from the Stalin national policy, from unresolved problems at disorder of Soviet Union, from neuregulirovannosti the frozen conflicts on the post-Soviet territory.

To us can tell that Russia revenges the Western Europe and the NATO for Kosovo. I know that such statement could have the right to existence, if not one small fact: not we have begun war on August, 8th this year. Not the Russian tanks pressed peace citizens in Tshinvale. Not the Russian soldiers killed Osset women and children. Our soldiers have only protected peace citizens, have defended the peace and stability. We can to be loved, but we cannot be reproached that we protected human rights on life.

the NATO never was the monolithic, uniform organisation. In the NATO always there were different views and currents. There is in general a certain general split between vision of the world of Old Europe and New Europe.

New Europe, the countries, is no time entering into the Warsaw contract, not having century traditions of statehood, Americans try to be today in Europe the big Americans, than. And that they do, and that they speak, quite often surprises Old Europe. Old Europe - fathers - founders of the European Union, those who supported unity of the Euroatlantic structures, for solidity of uniform Europe, at times are surprised to how it is possible to be so Americans, being a part of the European continent and the European political culture.

to Old Europe the pragmatism is obvious. It is that choice which Old Europe has gained in due time, in years cold war in days of a discharge, in days of the termination of race of arms and the termination blokovogo oppositions.

As to the countries of New Europe, for all of them it is clear. For them the world on - former it is black - white. There is a NATO, and there is bad Russia and everything that with it is connected. Here NATO split if want, today the ideological. And to say that this split is besides inspired by us or any image it is warmed up by us, absolutely incorrectly. Each country defends the national interests. And for the same Frenchmen, Germans, Italians a priority is that is favourable France, Germany, Italy. For Russia in the same way. We do not hope that someone in the NATO or the European union will start us to protect, love and defend our national interest. Everyone will struggle for the national interests. But when our interests do not contradict or at least are parallel to those interests which are at our partners from Old Europe, we can continue cooperation. Saakashvilis come and leave, and the people Georgian remain. This formula is absolutely obvious both to us, and for Old Europe.

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