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Alexander Lukashenko named actions of Russia on caucasus accurate and beautiful

Yesterday in the Sochi residence Bocharov the Stream president Dmitry Medvedev has carried on negotiations with the Belarus colleague Alexander Lukashenko.

the Belarus leader regularly comes on the Black Sea coast of Russia, sometimes remaining here for some days. In parallel it combines such rest with possibility to communicate to the Russian management. This time did not become an exception. Alexander Lukashenko has a rest some days in Sochi, and yesterday has arrived on a visit to Dmitry Medvedev.

Last time leaders of Russia and Belarus met in Brest where on June, 22nd remembered one of the most tragical dates in the history of two states. Then - that they also have agreed next time to meet in Sochi.

As a whole at all of us very not bad develops, - Dmitry Medvedev Russian - the Belarus cooperation has commented. - From the point of view of economic cooperation we leave on new records . Anyway, experts have considered that by the end of the year goods turnover can reach 30 billion dollars.

However the summons of negotiations has been partly corrected by latest developments in a zone Georgian - jugoosetinskogo the conflict. Dmitry Medvedev at all did not begin to hide that is going to talk and about it. there are many problems in the modern world, - Medvedev has told. - I should pay attention to aggression of Georgia concerning South Ossetia. Would like to discuss with you how to develop cooperation within the limits of ODKB .

What measures within the limits of the Organization of the Contract on collective safety can be accepted concerning Georgia, Dmitry Medvedev has, of course, held back. But Alexander Lukashenko has let know that Minsk can support joint reciprocal steps.

It us pushes all to any uneasy actions within the limits of Union State, - the president of Belarus has declared. - time of simple decisions and actions has ended .

Thus Alexander Lukashenko considers that during the conflict round South Ossetia the Russian management has shown wisdom. I never named it war, - he has underlined. Is there was a quiet, silent reaction which has led to that in region the world very much for a long time was established now. It has been made very accurately and beautifully .

- When I hear the western states and Americans start to speak on this theme, I consider that they are near people who on this theme argue and teach Russia, - the Belarus leader has noted. - they would make it so that the whole world would begin to move.

It is possible to consider that the small misunderstanding which has arisen between Moscow and Minsk at the height of operation in South Ossetia, is forgotten. One week ago the ambassador of Russia in Belarus has scarified Minsk for silence on a situation round Tshinvala. Next day Lukashenko has presented condolences to victims, and some days ago in region delivered 63 tons of the humanitarian help from Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko also has expressed yesterday satisfaction to how relations develop at the new president of Russia. In words the latent recognition of sounded that he was afraid of something. I attentively and quiveringly observed of how our arrangements will be carried out, - Lukashenko admitted. - but even small arrangements - I have noticed that you did not write down them, - had the development already next day .

the Kremlin source on the eve of a meeting has informed that in the centre of attention of presidents there will be questions of the further formation of uniform economic space and strengthening of integration communications. Priority value in this plan is given to observance before the reached arrangements on stage-by-stage transition to principles of market pricing in trading - economic cooperation, including toplivno - power sphere - he has underlined.

Here till now between Moscow and Minsk there is some nedoponimanie interests. In particular, the Belarus management tries to bring down for itself gas cost in 2009. Under plans Gazprom for Minsk it should rise to 200 dollars for one thousand cubic metre. Such prospects do not suit Minsk.

the coordination of a question on granting of Belarus long-term credit at a rate of 2 billion dollars Besides, proceeds. Earlier Moscow already financed Minsk on 1,5 billion dollars for transition to market pricing in thermal power station. The theme of new loan was the focus of attention negotiations of premieres - ministers of two countries which have taken place on August, 13th in Moscow. However, the question has not found the final decision - the further discussion have transferred for the autumn.

Following the results of negotiations as the assistant to the president Sergey Prihodko has informed, presidents of Russia and Belarus have agreed to hold in the autumn of this year the next session of the Higher state council of Union State. By this time two countries should to finish works on the interstate agreement on creation of Uniform system of air defence which will be signed during this session .