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Muscovites sit weeks without light and water from - for city programs of capital repairs

stage of the city program of major repairs in capital should come to the end to the beginning of a cold season or to the first of October. While from 1700 houses it is handed over state commission only 41.

it is Most - 31 house is repaired in Jugo - East administrative district. As Elena Choporova has told to the correspondent the chief specialist of management of municipal economy of district, on 24 structures the documentation prepares. In total on jugo - the east 125 houses as which customer of repair the prefecture acts should be repaired. That also all other houses in time will be ready, Choporova does not doubt. Business in that, objasnila it that in an order occupies reduction of one house about five months. Repair in most cases in May has begun, means, by October just it is possible to cope with all works.

Muscovites now are excited at all with terms more, and repairmen how work. Eloquent figure: if one month ago complaints to them was about five hundreds, now dissatisfied already more than thousand. As have explained in department of major repairs of available housing, more often townspeople complain of noise and a dirt which is planted with repairmen, and also on slowness of workers.

Information that should make during repair in each house which lack recognised on the Business breakfast in the head of department of major repairs Arthur Keskinov, on - former does not suffice. It generates different hearings. As an example the situation round two identical houses under N 11 and 13 along the street Samotechnoj can serve that. In the first a roof have repaired still one year ago and a guarantee on it while operates. Therefore in respect of present capital repairs the roof does not appear. But to explain this circumstance to tenants it has appeared there is nobody. Therefore, looking, as at neighbours in the thirteenth house change a roof, and at them is not present, people have drawn a conclusion: the means which have been released on repair of their roof, builders have put to themselves in a pocket, and now are covered with a guarantee... Not smaller passions boil in houses N 17 and 19 on Ochakovsky highway. The reason: in one house of the battery have changed, and in other - is not present. Where to call? From whom to find out exciting questions? Any phones promised by the authorities on a board at an entrance both was not, and is not present.

the Second what the inhabitant faces, - a territory accomplishment. Under its kind lawns often dig over, as if a potato field, adding then in the earth peat. The similar mix during a rain paints sidewalks, road and footwear of inhabitants to the unique is black - grey colour.

From the same gloomy scale of colour, in which builders paint entrances. In house N17 on Ochakovsky highway the choice has fallen, for example, on dark - dark blue. the meeting of tenants so has solved - has told korrepsondentu as has chopped off, the construction superintendent. Having heard it, tenants were surprised: what meeting, who and when him spent? Besides that they continually sit that without water without light, they had time to get used already. Though from time to time nevertheless try to appeal to conscience of builders: Really it is impossible to warn in advance about future switching-off? the maximum that it manages to achieve these appeals - occurrences of announcements on an entrance door when in the crane is not present some water any more the first day. Similar switching-off in working hours at times proceed weeks, they are connected as a rule with replacement of communications in basement or garrets, and also with works on a roof. Nervous repairmen calm: as soon as we will pass to replacement of struts, water we will disconnect less often, but for longer term...

Who is guilty in all it? To ask silly. Any is not enough - malsky the chief there and then answers: tenants are guilty. It they do not want to sit unanimously at an entrance of the house couple of days pending when the mechanic will call to them at a door and declares equipment replacement. So Larissa Remezova supervising major repairs in houses N of 11 and 13 cases 1 on street Samotechnoj has explained korespondentu a sluggishness of works with capital repairs the representative of prefecture of the Central administrative district, the deputy director of State Unitary Enterprise GD OOGI. therefore it is necessary to change struts pokvartirno - she has complained of own difficulties.

the Separate headache - replacement in apartments of struts and radiators. To change strut pipes, builders partially break out a metal box of a bathroom and completely liquidate a wall with a door in mine. After similar capital repairs blockages in a bathroom and a hall are inevitable. If to you will change also batteries after leaving of builders of the general repair in apartment not to avoid. After all in this case will open both a floor, and a ceiling, and almost for certain will spoil facing of walls, window sills, will scratch doors...

it is not surprising that the increasing quantity of Muscovites covers desire strongly to immure doors from within and not to answer calls of unexpected visitors, not to face face to face invasion of barbarians in uniforms. to Refuse repair tenants, certainly, can, but for this purpose they should sign papers about refusal. And if the pipe then begins to flow and will fill in neighbours, to pay for the caused damage will be otkaznik, instead of the MISINFORMATION - Tatyana Vasileva, the director of contract organisation to whom repair in the same houses along the street is charged by Samotechnoj has warned.

contractors to the obstinate tenant and water Can disconnect. In the house in Seleznevsky street in one of houses cut off batteries - under the pretext of replacement. New have put only in three weeks, and that after mass squall of calls. The same that at people all this time in walls holes were shone, repairmen at all did not excite.

Similar cases were in areas Matveevsky and Ochakovo of the Western district where contractors have disappeared for couple of weeks right after how cut off batteries. And when have appeared, have brought old rusty batteries. probably, from cut off in the next house - tenants have solved. As in a joke when the first barrack changed bed-sheets with the second.

However to break a record established by repairmen on the Green prospectus in East administrative district, where for contractors searched with militia to put though any batteries instead of cut off, for the present nobody could.