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On 102 - the m to year of life has died scout Michael Isaakovich Mukasej

This pair illegal immigrants in external investigation considered as one of the exemplary. Michael and Elizabeth Mukasei began still as legal scouts: the day before and during war they worked under a roof of consulate of the USSR in Los - Andzhelese.

And the neighbourhood with Hollywood has appeared for investigation useful. So, Michael was in fine relations with Charlie Chaplin. And that for some months prior to the beginning of war repeated all: do not trust Hitler, it will attack you. And Michael Mukasej informed on it to Moscow. Alas, and to Chaplin`s preventions which knew in States much and many, have not listened. And already during war under the request vitse - consul Mukaseja the Soviet seamen have brought great Charlie from Russia a small bear cub. That long remained with Chaplin, and then that has presented to its zoo.

And already after war of spouse Mukasei became illegal immigrants. Have lived 22 years under another`s names In one country whence the head of family supervised over the groups of people working on the Soviet special services in several countries of Europe. And for all this time - a hint on a failure.

as the Reason and the considerable successes in investigation, and longevity of the spouse consider goodwill. when associates see that you are good to them concern, can quite count and on the kind relation to - amicably and nearly me this married couple unanimously assured.

on August, 13th last year was on 100 - summer anniversary of Michael Isaakovicha. There was it in good health, having lifted for own health not one wine-glass. As always and in all supported the husband and Elizabeth Ivanovna - it for five years is younger than the husband. It is a lot of about what remembered then Michael Mukasej. Also did not forget to warn: only it not for the newspaper, simply I want, that knew. And sometimes calling me, all enquired after health - mine. Good there was a person. Kind, warm. It is much made.