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The USA initiated one more colour revolution

On Tuesday resignation of the president of Pakistan Perveza Musharrafa has been officially accepted by country parliament. Whether the Pakistan army which has in a moment lost the authority at least can to protect reliably now 150 nuclear warheads?

If is not present, that is the Pentagon which, obviously, has already worked a variant of capture of nuclear bases in territory of Pakistan for neutralisation of hit of weapons of mass destruction in hands of terrorists. The Pakistan people exult. The totalitarian mode has fallen. Portraits of Perveza Musharrafa trample down and oplevyvajut at every turn. The head of the state whom the last some years opposed to rough blossoming of democracy in the territory entrusted to him, itself has refused the power. More precisely, to it have extremely persistently recommended it to make.

Probably, the interesting question most now: who was so is persevering? At first sight, speech should go about two oppositional Musharrafu the Pakistan parties: the Pakistan people party which before its murder last year was headed by charismatic Benazir Bhutto, and the Pakistan Muslim league - N in which head there is a former prime minister of Pakistan Navaz Sharif.

these parties before have prepared several days necessary documents to start procedure of impeachment of the president of Pakistan. They have delivered Musharrafu the ultimatum - to leave voluntary or even your army will not rescue you .

However there is a question why oppositionists were so are assured that the army not begins any more protect at any cost the president who though has transferred reins of government armed forces to general Ashfaku Kiani all the same continued to remain the real commander-in-chief. Before military men showed time and again, in - the first, the unshakable loyalty of Musharrafu, and, in - the second, absolute immunity on threats from any political forces in the country.

There are, however, other political forces out of the country without which intervention, according to the majority of analysts, in this case obviously has not managed.

almost all experts say that though Musharraf and was the extremely rigid governor, it nevertheless was considered as the consecutive defender of democratic values. However, in a cut form. About why he repeatedly had to take the extremely unpopular methods a situation in hand, hundreds articles which authors in the majority recognise are written: in another way, most likely, it was impossible to save Pakistan with the nuclear weapon from possible consequences of chaos.

Now, it is obvious that this period of anarchy has practically come. Benazir Bhutto who could unite the Pakistan people, have been killed. Other strongly pronounced leader in the country now is not present.

And it means that begun with resignation of the president race for power will be long. And, most likely, very rigid. Thus military men who have actually handed over the commander, have lost authority. That is it is essential to affect an event in the country they obviously not can. To whom is such situation favourable? On mind one external force - the USA comes only.

we Will begin that on an example of several colour revolutions the American political strategists have shown, how they are able to use the most ancient formula of success: divide and dominate. Besides it is known, what exactly the White house was extremely dissatisfied recently with actions of Musharrafa which did not allow to Washington to participate directly in struggle with Al - Kaidoj in areas of Pakistan adjoining on Afghanistan. The Pakistan president used the best efforts that a situation in these problem provinces though and hardly, but nevertheless supervised subordinated to it military, instead of the American special services.

Differently Musharraf resisted to intervention of other country in internal affairs of the state. Than, obviously, irritated many politicians in Washington. So US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice statement that Musharraf was the friend of the USA and the reliable partner in war with terrorism and extremism looks, to put it mildly, insincere.

But it is quite possible to trust its other words: We will continue to work with the Pakistan government and political leaders and we urge them to double the attention rendered to problems which concern the future of the country and its prime requirements, including suppression of growth of extremism .

Besides it is not necessary to forget what plans on serious recutting of borders of all region in the USA any more the first year are developed., For example, the American political strategists suggest to divide Pakistan into two states. At the weak government which, most likely, will appear in Pakistan, you see, the plans will realise much easier.


Now about the nuclear weapon. The actual anarchy, escalating threat of extremism and terrorism, weak army - all it already is available in Pakistan. We will remind that the similar occurred and in Russia in the beginning 90 - h years of the last century. Then Washington the first has started talking about necessity to take the Russian nuclear weapon under the American control. Nothing says that since then in minds of the American political elite something has changed.