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Inhabitants of the Tver region free of charge pass up-to-date medical inspection

to One of stars of the Russian medicine the phrase which has become almost by an aphorism belongs. Its sense that supposedly is few in the nature of people absolutely healthy, is only nedoobsledovannye. Together with a share of healthy professional cynicism in this statement very powerful message to that own care of health, timely diagnostics and preventive maintenance of diseases frequently on an order is more significant, than wearisome treatment and disposal of illnesses is put, probably.

it is obvious that the care of health of citizens of the country becomes the main, priority direction of the state activity within the limits of the national project Public health services . This problem masshtabna also is labour-consuming. Its realisation will demand not only enormous material and financial resources, harmonious organizational work of federal structures, but also serious public support at all levels, the present creative initiative and the big efforts of the local organisations.

the First, probably, for today negosudarstvennoj, on support and so-called local realisation of the declared priority national project, the complex of special diagnostic, preventive and medical actions under the name " became directed; to Remember about health . It is carried out in Konakovsky area of the Tver region on welfare fund means to Remember all . The fund is led by the head of Konakovsky regional branch of party an United Russia the head of rural settlement Mokshino Viktor Krysov.

the First stage of realisation of the program has specialised character. Four exit medical brigades where highly skilled experts from the Tver state medical academy enter, carry preventive investigation and ultrasonic diagnostics of inhabitants of Konakovsky area for the purpose of revealing of diseases of thyroid and dairy glands. Inspection is spent free of charge on the advanced diagnostic equipment.

Even the very first results of work of mobile medical brigades have appeared rather and rather effective. It is connected not only with high qualification and professional skills of diagnosticians. The matter is that very many patients subjected itself to similar inspections on diagnostic devices of ultrasonic for the first time in the life. That is why too often it was possible to hear such dialogues in an office of the doctor:

- For a long time checked on ultrasonic a breast and shchitovidku? - The doctor is interested.

- the First time, - answers the woman slightly confused average years quite healthy by sight.

- Thank God, all at you in norm, - the doctor ascertains, finishing procedure. - and still it is necessary to be surveyed at least once a year.

Certainly, the doctor of the rights, is absolutely right. Only here it is difficult to imagine that 10 - 15 years ago it was possible to receive a similar kind of the medical preventive help on village. Alas, to the doctor people went when illness had seriously an effect, and treatment turned to expensive and burdensome procedure. Doctor Sergey Menshakov, the head of one of medical brigades, conducted reception in an office equipped in a spacious class of comprehensive school of settlement Mokshino.

- Half of adult giving birth women never in the life passed ultrasonic inspection, - he has told. - and this with the fact that mammary gland pathologies are very extended, especially after 40 years. The breast cancer remains till now to one of principal causes of death rate of women. In total for two days of work in Mokshino and in settlement Streams we managed to reveal five cases of new growths at women. We send these women on the further inspection... God grant, that tumours have appeared good-quality.

As Sergey Menshakova Stanislav Basov`s colleague has told, at the surveyed many pathologies of a thyroid gland were observed. All at whom similar deviations are revealed, have been immediately directed to endokrinologu.

For a month of work of exit medical brigades experts managed to survey more than 6200 inhabitants of area. At 18 from them the mammary gland cancer has been revealed, and seven patients are already operated. At whom are revealed other pathologies, directed on consultation to corresponding experts. Actually, the program to Remember about health already saves human lives.

- Realizing our program, we do not intend to be limited to inspection only women, - the head of rural settlement Mokshino Viktor Krysov has told. - With the beginning of academic year when all kiddies will gather home after vacation, we will start a new stage of the program: diagnostic ultrasonic - inspection of a thyroid gland and a belly cavity of all schoolboys of Konakovsky area. The given action will pursue not only especially medical purposes, but also to have educational and educational character. We should accustom our children from young nails to care of the health, in every possible way to protect it, in due time to pass all necessary diagnostic and preventive actions. I believe that raising household medical culture of our people, we bring the essential contribution to successful realisation of the national project Public health services .