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The state has started to buy up grain not to admit sharp falling of the prices

Yesterday purchasing grain interventions have begun. The state after a small break has entered again the market. But now it acts on the party rastenievodov - buying grain in intervention fund, keeps the prices for wheat, a rye and barley from excessive falling.

However, during the first auctions at National commodity exchange clients have not shown activity. The order of the Minister of Agriculture on inclusion in the list of the intervention goods not only food, but also fodder grain on the coordination in minjuste. Therefore purchase of barley and wheat 5 - go a class is not conducted yet, namely they have fallen in price recently especially considerably. Procurement price which declared minselhoz, already above market, but while it only on a paper.

Market prices of food wheat 4 - go a class - our basic export goods - balance on the verge of marginal levels. And here wheat 3 - go a class not only has ceased to become cheaper recently, but also even has slightly risen in price. So with these goods manufacturers on the intervention auctions do not hasten - in the free market it more favourably.

the Analyst of the market Vladimir Petrichenko declares that standards of wheat of a new crop are extremely unsatisfactory 3 - go in general it is not enough class. Besides, in its opinion, sellers also specially hold quality wheat. However, Alexander Korbut asserts that though in percentage terms wheat 3 - go a class it was born less, than last year, in tons more last year`s, that is there is quite enough.

the Ministry of Agriculture already basically recognised that its forecast of a total crop in 85 million tons will be surpassed.

But definitive figure minister Alexey Gordeyev yet did not name. Experts wait for news from Siberia where cleaning only has begun. However the Russian grain union has designated earlier possible height - 95 million tons.

on meal and a forage it is necessary For our country much less. Therefore the prices for grain began to decrease even prior to the beginning of cleaning, and in July and at all fell down downwards. It is a dangerous tendency. If rastenievody will decide what to grow up grain it it is unprofitable, they will reduce the areas of winter sowing and thus will achieve deficiency and the high prices in a year. Therefore the state also declares so-called limiting values of floor price . It those thresholds below which on the market leaves Federal agency on regulation of the food market - the state agent on carrying out of the intervention auctions. It buys up grain in intervention fund and does not allow the prices to fall below limits of profitability of manufacture.

the agricultural commodity producer can be the Seller during intervention purchases only. On idea this condition should make impossible every possible gamble round budgetary funds.

the Decision to fill up intervention fund not only food grain as it happened before, but also fodder, was, obviously, it is accepted as a matter of experience last year. Then at zaoblachno the high prices for all grain the state could support only millers - has sold it from intervention fund of more 1,3 million tons of grain at the prices below the market. And here manufacturers of mixed fodders and cattle breeders remained in private with a ruinous whim of the market. That anything similar did not occur henceforth, has been decided to be reserved by fodder wheat 5 - go a class and barley.

Other motive for expansion of the list of the intervention goods - an abundance in the market of fodder grain. In Chernozem region in the end of spring there was no heat, has then filled in, and as a result quality of wheat has appeared more low, than last year. However, head minselhoza Alexey Gordeyev let know time and again that the first problem of interventions - all - taki to regulate the market, instead of to fill granaries.

About that, how many all grain will be bought in intervention fund, spoke much this summer. The chairman of the government Vladimir Putin, for example, at meeting on village named figure in five millions tons. Basically that money with which it is planned to allocate for carrying out of purchasing interventions, should suffice approximately on 7 million tons. These are huge volumes and if at once to remove them from the market, the prices even at relative abundance can jerk upwards. And it, for the clear reasons, is far not the best variant - already for consumers.

the Main thing that the state has publicly entered the market and has given it accurate price reference points - the vice-president of the Russian grain union Alexander Korbut believes also. In its opinion, with the beginning of interventions falling of the prices for grain will be braked and, maybe, will stop at all. Therefore he recommends to those millers, manufacturers of mixed fodders, spirit and cattle breeders who while wait still the smaller prices for wheat and barley, to make stocks now.