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Vladimir Putin: Some participants of the market use the monopoly position selfishly enough

Vladimir Putin wants to pass from a hand control the market to system

On Tuesday of premieres - minister Vladimir Putin has called meeting on development of a competition which on structure of participants bore a strong resemblance to government presidium.

Two first vitse - a premiere Igor Shuvalov and Victor Zubkov, zam predy heads of the White house Alexey Kudrin, Igor Sechin, Sergey Sobjanin, the minister of economic development Elvira Nabiullina, head FAS Igor Artemyev and others have arrived in premerskuju residence in Is new - Ogarevo.

Vladimir Putin has begun meeting with hints to which stock exchanges usually nervously react: Some participants of the market use the monopoly position selfishly enough. Variety kartelnyh arrangements " is revealed;. However, this time the prime minister has given calming information, including on the company a Mechel premerskaja which criticism has provoked last time falling of share indexes. Though the company of premieres never also has not mentioned.

According to Putin, the government has tried to correct as much as possible a situation, especially in metallurgy to which one meeting of the government has been devoted not. it is pleasant to me to notice that our discussions have given positive movement - Putin has told.

According to the prime minister, manufacturers of metallurgical raw materials have already agreed with metallurgists about the conclusion of long-term contracts, obviously meaning the company a Mechel . Now it is necessary, Putin that metallurgists left on long-term agreements with consumers - the government is convinced and with it was promised to help.

- But this all hand control, and we should create system of fair and rational regulation, - prime minister Vladimir Putin has told. It has reminded that the new Law " two years ago has been passed; About competition protection which has specified kinds and a bringing to account order for antimonopoly law infringement.

And still competition level the insufficient. So, according to FAS, in 2007 1590 cases of abusing by a leading position in the market, 226 forbidden kartelnyh agreements and 2970 certificates of restriction of a competition have been revealed from authorities. but first of all losses are born by ordinary citizens - the prime minister has attended, having reminded of a rise in prices for aviation fuel. Aviakerosene rise in price which the prime minister sharply expressed in Severodvinsk, nearly has not led to resignation of all management FAS - yesterday Igor Artemyev, obviously, having corrected the specified defects, was the main lecturer at meeting.

the Chairman of the government has urged present to think over legislation perfection, elimination in it blanks and openings . Transparent, flexible and fair rules of competitive struggle which will lead to steady growth of economy and inflation decrease, - here that wanted by Vladimir Putin from FAS and other interested departments. And to form a norm of behaviour in the market, according to the prime minister, should both branch experts, and representatives of consumers.

Legislative antimonopoly initiatives will be already brought in the State Duma in September of this year, chapter minekonomrazvitija Elvira Nabiullina has declared. In particular, government officials plan to register accurately signs kartelnyh arrangements for effective struggle against them. Separate point the state help will go. Imperious bodies at different levels give preferences to players of the market, meanwhile, as Nabiullina, " is assured; the state help should be transparent and not break competition rules . Corresponding amendments also will bring in the legislation.

Vladimir Putin repeatedly spoke about unequal access of the companies to services, citing as an example the small oil and gas enterprises it is difficult to them to be connected to networks of monopolists. The minister promised to consider and this moment in changes brought in the legislation. As she said, the question on strengthening of a criminal liability for antimonopoly arrangements is now discussed.

Meanwhile at meeting there was a speech and about expansion of powers FAS. In the near future to Artemyev`s department will give possibilities of more active cooperation with law enforcement bodies regarding gathering of proofs about price arrangements. Head FAS has told that already today the companies a Mechel will hand over the report on an administrative offence where besides instructions penal sanctions will be designated. As the mining enterprise co-operated with antimonopoly service, the penalty will make five percent from an annual turnover, or 790 million roubles. on Monday positive signals from other companies which are engaged in extraction of coked coal have arrived, - they are ready to reduce the price for 15 percent - Igor Artemyev has declared. Since September, 1st and till the end of the year a Mechel also was obliged to reduce the price of the contracts for 15 percent and henceforth to notify FAS on rise in prices. Investigation in the relation Evrazholding and Raspadsky It will be finished during 2 - 3 weeks. just the same demands and instructions will be made to these companies, as to to a Mechel - head FAS has told. It has not excluded that the measures taken by its department will lead to drop in prices on production of metallurgists.