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The investigatory committee collects proofs of crimes of the Georgian military men

Right after clearings of Tshinvala to South Ossetia on the instructions of the president the big brigade of Investigatory committee has urgently left at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation which is headed by Alexander Bastrykin.

Under its management more than 200 inspectors and about 30 public prosecutors - criminalists collect proofs of crimes of the Georgian military men. Despite huge employment, it could find hour and visit edition.

: Alexander Ivanovich, you could most interrogate the Georgian captured?

Alexander Bastrykin: I participated in one of interrogations. We have arrived to one of villages, we see - costs tselehonky the Georgian tank. It appears, he was taken prisoner by local civil guardsmen, together with two crewmen. I ask, what for? As it was found out, Georgians have withdrawn from village eight inhabitants, here peasants and expect to change them for the grasped tankmen.

One of them has told, what has been put them a fighting problem before a campaign on Tshinval: It is our earth, primordially Georgian earth. And it needs to be released from strangers . What else comments are necessary for acknowledgement of a genocide of the Osset people, centuries living on this earth?

RG: Can result still indications of the grasped Georgian military men?

Bastrykin: Certainly.

the Military man of Georgian army Aratanoshvili Zurab Avtandilovich has shown that on August, 7th, 2008 their military unit has been thrown from with. Vaziani in with. An agar of the Karelian area, adjoining on South Ossetia. Then by it the command to Tshinvalu has been allowed to be put forward. They have free proceeded, nobody attacked them, did not fire. At Tshinvala from the commander of a battalion of Kacharavy and the commander of a company of Chinchaladze the order on approach to a city, about fire opening on everything has arrived that in a city moves.

the Soldier of Georgian army Kogoberishvili Besik Nodarovich has shown that on the night of August, 8th them have shipped on echelons and by rail have sent in with. An agar of the Karelian area. After a while the commander of a battalion of Kacharava has put before them fighting problems: to be put forward to Tshinval and to begin its bombardment, having broken an infrastructure and peace life of a city. If necessary to attack Tshinval and to fire at civilians.

And here indications of some inhabitants of South Ossetia.

Victim Gagloev Vyacheslav Soslanovich has shown that on August, 10th, 2008 he saw, how soldiers of the Georgian army have finished with Gagloevym Atsamazom and Kozaevym Nugzarom. Soldiers at first have shot them from rifles, then cut with it a throat.

Victim Gojaev Amiran Djanozovich has shown that soldiers of the Georgian army killed the peace population; threw in a cellar where people, pomegranates hid; shot escaping following. In with. Hetagurovo the wooden church in which the peace population hid has been destroyed.

Victim Kabulova Enra Revazovna has shown that, having grasped Tshinval, the Georgian soldiers fired on all inhabitants of village who were in the field their sight. On her eyes Nulaev, Usoev, Huriev and Sulikov have been killed. She saw as military men of Georgia grasped inhabitants of Republic South Ossetia in hostages.

Victim Bitieva Izolda Georgievna has shown that saw, how one of tanks of the Georgian army on her eyes has crushed the woman.

Witness Safonova Jeanne Shalvovna has shown that on August, 7th, 2008 she has woken up from strong noise of shots, heavy fire has begun from village Kehvi Respubliki Gruzija. The car of its acquaintance Chochievoj Marina together with children and the sister was shot by the Georgian military men on Zarsky road. All of them were lost. In hospitals of Tshinval she saw many corpses of peace citizens. In a mortuary of the central hospital has seen corpses of 6 women which bodies have been disfigured, separate parts of bodies were absent. Besides, she has seen a corpse of the brainless boy and feet.

Victim Tasoeva Liina Borisovna has shown that the Georgian tanks shot at civil cars. About them the motor vehicle passed VAZ - 2107, inside sat the husband with the wife, the shell there has got, and those have burnt down. VAZ - 2106 where sat the woman with the child and some men also have shot other motor vehicle of mark from tanks. She saw, how four persons, probably the whole family, have stopped nearby BMP, thinking that it is the Russian armies, to them there were Georgians and have shot them.

Witness Bichenova Lyudmila Ruslanovna has shown that in village Dmins there was an old church in which people hid. The Georgian military men have levelled this church with the earth together with people. In Tshinvale the Georgian military men have shot a motor vehicle in which there was a family - the father, mother and two children then still over live people have poured gasoline and have set fire.

Witness Bestaeva Bring down Davidovna has shown that in with. TSunari the Georgian military men have raped 7 girls then have burnt them alive.


  So cars of the Russian peacemakers after attack of the Georgian army
  Receding, the Georgian armies have thrown hundreds American rifles and other weapon
  Barracks of the Russian peacemakers after bombardment

Photos are given by Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation.