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Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation: Recruits - uklonistam should toughen punishment

Office of Public Prosecutor has spent mass checks of military registration and enlistment offices on all country. People in epaulets had to hold the report for the spent appeal: whether correctly dispatched summonses, whether zabrivali those whom it is impossible. And uklonistam - to answer questions of inspectors.

Only in Moscow by divisions of Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation it is raised seven criminal cases under article evasion from passage of military and alternative civil service . Theoretically young men are threatened with prison, but, as a rule, courts write out uklonistam penalties or give conditional term. For example, in Chelyabinsk the recruit - alternativshchik, run away of a house for aged where it have directed instead of service to armies is condemned. The court has sentenced it to the penalty... In eight thousand roubles. And in Lipetsk literally the sentence concerning 18 - the summer young man who was not in a military registration and enlistment office one of these days has come into force. Now the young man should pay the penalty of 13 thousand roubles.

Capital courts prefer to take out conditional terms. So Recently Lublin regional court has sentenced to a year of imprisonment with a trial period for a year 23 - summer Denis S who too did not have a reciprocity with a military registration and enlistment office.

Such tendency in punishment uklonistov is not so harmless for their future destiny as will seem at first sight. It would Seem, eight - ten thousand roubles of the penalty - not money to pay off from army. As the sentence becomes as though lawful ostrochkoj - condemned any more will not put in a system. However together with the penalty the citizen receives also a previous conviction, and it is a stain in the biography. In our country it closes many career prospects. After a sentence uklonistu it will be difficult to find good work, it precisely not take in law enforcement bodies and hardly to it will entrust high posts in state structures. Therefore to those recruits to whom not indifferently future, with the law it is better not to argue, even hoping for the easy penalty.

However, the Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation does not suit also softness of sentences. He suggests to toughen punishment to the recruits avoiding meetings with voenkomami. In department the working group which develops corresponding initiatives is already created.

As plenum of the Supreme court, in itself absence of the recruit in a military registration and enlistment office - already has explained recently an occasion to business excitation. Earlier inspectors waited, while the young man will pass medical board, that recognises as its suitable, and it will hit in races. Now two - three calls, remained without the answer, can already become an occasion to a meeting with the inspector.

During scale check public prosecutors searched also for infringements of the rights of recruits. Whether who takes bribes? Whether calls patients? Present invocatory campaign left very easy for voenkomov. In the spring - a unique case - on induction stations even the turn was built.

the Reason that the young man invited for the first time to serve on new term: in total year. The offer seemed to much tempting. As a result voenkomy have been compelled to refuse to some recruits army hospitality. In barracks it is banal there were no places for all comers. In these conditions at employees of a military registration and enlistment office of need was not too zealous to execute a debt, as leads, as a rule, to an arbitrariness and law infringements.

For example, the Ostankinsky interdistrict Office of Public Prosecutor in Moscow has established the fact of an appeal of the student which had the right to a delay. Now voenkomu it is necessary to explain, where his eyes looked. And guilty ranks of the invocatory commission will be punished.

As from the legal point of view of the citizen it was necessary to leave on the citizen with this case public prosecutors will understand. From army of the guy, of course, will not withdraw. However employees of military registration and enlistment offices should to be more attentive and watch, that students - volunteers correctly made out corresponding papers.

Other party of a medal - delays to students of private shops or under lime documents. With it public prosecutors intend to struggle seriously. The Izmajlovsky interdistrict Office of Public Prosecutor has found the citizen who should carry for a long time boots. But the invocatory commission has granted it a delay. As public prosecutors have found out, the young man has brought the inquiry from a certain high school which has no state accreditation. Under the law such recruits are not considered as students, therefore they should be put in a system that the military registration and enlistment office and will make next autumn.

And in Chuvashiya the director of one of schools who has given out the fictitious inquiry to the recruit - uklonistu is condemned. Under documents it turned out that the young man ostensibly worked as the teacher of technology in one of rural schools. Be it the present teacher, to it the delay would be put. And so article for the director has turned out: That is condemned for forgery for two years with ostrochkoj.

But absence of empty seats in army - a temporary phenomenon and not an occasion to relax uklonistam. All of them will equally search and punish. Called under the old plan in the spring: about hundred thirty thousand persons on all country. But since autumn it is required to military department in one and a half time of more recruits, and the next year, probably, and twice it is more. After all soldiers will leave army - dvuhgodichniki and polutoragodichniki . Military registration and enlistment offices should go into sleeves, here then and from public prosecutors it is required both the help, and control.

Since September, 7th, 2007 - dates of creation of Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation - territorial investigating bodies SKP the Russian Federations have spent the File in total about 5 thousand checks on the facts of evasion of young men from an appeal on military or alternative civil service. By results of every seventh check criminal case is brought.