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Visitors of the Moscow motor show has surprised new “ Volga “ the premium - a class

Has opened the Moscow international motor show - 2008. It is valid a great occasion. To it the higher class " is appropriated; And “ - as in salons in Geneva, Frankfurt am Main, Detroit and Paris.

Here it is presented nine world, five European and 67 Russian premieres. And three cars is purely Russian production. So that for us waits among not treated most kindly, but the most demanded, basically thanks to the price of cars. We will begin with classical manufacturers.

VAZ Trump

considered Earlier that VAZ has nothing to please public in the near future. Everything that is exposed, - for a long time already it is known. But in a sleeve the factory had a trump. Namely - the first domestic crossover Lada C - Cross. Certainly, something in its appearance reminds the senior colleagues on a class, whether Mazdà, whether still someone. But here other characteristics obviously concede to this colleague. Actually at vazovtsev it has turned out any mini - a crossover. The volume of a luggage carrier at it of 350 litres, that is steam of sports bags there will get. And all the rest - either on a roof, or in the trailer.

this car Will be equipped with two-litre engines which will allow to disperse the device to 190 km/ hour. But the radius of wheels makes impression - already 18 inches.

the First domestic crossover differs profitability: 8,2 litres on hundred kilometres at the mixed cycle. Well and at last: Autovases plans to begin release of this car till 2012.

Such “ Volga “ we yet did not see

the Second masterpiece of domestic car industry - Volga Siber. It is a little history: The new car from GAS has been presented at a last year`s exhibition “ Interavto “. For its creation platforms at the company of Chrysler of known models of the previous generation of Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Stratus have been a year before got. The design is developed by known English of studio UltraMotive with use of all modern lines. And here the new car as a result has turned out.

At today`s exhibition Siber it is presented in two new updatings - “ lux “ and “ comfort “ which manufacture started one month ago in Nizhni Novgorod. The new version has an automatic transmission, the electric drive of adjustments of a seat of the driver in 6 or 10 directions, steklopodemniki. Also the car is equipped ABS and Traction control. As measures of passive safety of a pillow of safety of the driver and the forward passenger, and also system ISOFIX for children`s seats.

That is important enough - a guarantee on these cars 3 years, or 100 thousand kilometres of run.

Updated “ the Patriot “

UAZ Patriot has appeared in new updating - with the diesel engine. The engine - Italian in volume of 2,3 litres and capacity of 110 horsepowers. For impassability that, it more tjagovit on low turns, than petrol, and consumes much less fuel. Only 9 litres on 100 kilometres at the mixed cycle.

While the new car will be accessible only in complete set Limited, that is with ABS and the conditioner. However, and the price of such complete set decent - 590 thousand roubles.

Returning “ Zaporozhtsa “

Actually, speech not about returning old znakomtsa from Ukraine (its many Russian drivers on - former consider “ to ours “) And that ZAZ at last has mastered release of really cheap car.

Certainly, the basic manufacture ZAZa is Chevrolet Lanos, but after all should have car factory the own person! Such person also became Sens that in transfer means “ sense “.

Sens - own working out ZAZa, with the assistance of Daewoo. As in due time “ Zaporozhets “ differs profitability in all: in charges, in fuel consumption, in cost, and Sens. This car with the engine of 1,3 litres with gazoballonnym the equipment costs about 290 thousand roubles.

About other novelties of the Moscow motor show - in the following number “ RG - Weeks “.