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Russia has started to keep away from the WTO

Loud statements of the chairman of the government Vladimir Putin about necessity of an exit of Russia from a number of the agreements concluded during never-ending process of joining to the WTO and contradicting its interests, have received yesterday continuation.

At session of the Commission concerning agriculture the first vitse - prime minister Victor Zubkov declared new grants to agriculture: this year they will make 39,5 billion roubles and on 21 billion roubles annually for the forthcoming three-year period. In total state program of support of the agriculture, calculated on 2008 - 2012, will receive an order of 102 billion roubles.

the Theme of food safety - not new for belodomovskih officials, it is simple in the become aggravated international situation it has received a serious impulse. It is clear that that fact that on tables of Russians lies 40 percent of foreign production, is abnormal. Moreover, it contradicts the international standards which name 15 percent the top line behind which there is a threat of national safety. And pamjatuja about potential self-sufficiency of native land, the government undertook active support of agriculture, including counter-measures. One of these days it became known that Russia plans to leave agreements from the WTO, in particular it is a question of reduction of quotas for meat and bird import. now we conduct such calculations. It not tens, and hundred thousand tons - Minister of Agriculture Alexey Gordeyev has declared upon termination of meeting. According to the minister, the agreements signed more three years ago at negotiations about accession to WTO, any more do not correspond to interests of Russia. us, it is soft so we will tell, have deceived. Because it is impossible to wait such period of joining to the WTO, fulfilling requirements as the country entering into the WTO - Alexey Gordeyev has declared, having added that Russia, observing all requirements for the introduction into this international organisation, could not make reciprocal demands, for example, in the field of antidumping investigations. Feeling spiteful sights of the western states, Russia, obviously, has decided to replace import of the foodstuffs by a domestic production gradually. The figures sounded at meeting and truth force to trust officials: for six months of current year agricultural products manufacture in Russia in relation to the similar period of 2007 has grown on 5,1 %, and meat manufacture has increased by 8,3 %, milk - on 1,3 %. the Russian agriculture for last three years has proved that has high potential of development and possibility to provide the country the qualitative foodstuffs at the expense of a domestic production - Gordeyev has underlined.

By the way, earlier the Minister of Agriculture repeatedly said that Europe protects the markets from import: level of support of agriculture in the EU countries makes 100 mlrd euro a year while from next year the budget of support of agriculture of Russia will make 4 billion dollars.

During negotiations on Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization Gordeyev insisted on that Russia had possibility to support to the agricultural manufacturers at a rate of 9 billion a year, but met rigid repulse from the countries of Kernsky group (foodstuffs big exporters). Those suggested to take for a basis the average level of support of agrarian and industrial complex of Russia in 2004 - 2006, that is an order 3,2 - 3,7 billion a year.

Meanwhile, limiting foodstuffs import to Russia, on Krasnopresnensky quay with pleasure mark successes of our agrarian and industrial complex in the foreign markets. According to the deputy minister of agriculture Andrey Slepneva, this year grain export has already made 3,9 million tons, having exceeded last year`s level for the same period in 1,6 times. As a whole for today domestic agricultural productions have collected 78,3 million tons of grain that is almost record indicator.