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Russia leaves unprofitable agreements for it on the WTO

On Monday at session of presidium of the government Vladimir Putin has supported the first vitse - prime minister Igor Shuvalov, suggested to leave from contradicting interests of Russia of agreements with partners in the WTO.

- Already many times I paid attention that we carry out undertaken, and process of integration into the WTO is not finished till now, - the prime minister has noted, addressing to Shuvalov. - It turns out, any pluses from WTO membership if they in general there are, we do not see, and our economy bears loading big enough.

especially actual this problem became in connection with sharp price fluctuations in the world markets.

- It is necessary most to think seriously of protection of the commodity producer on village, - the head of the government has offered.

It decided to arrive wisely: Without refusing strategic movement towards the WTO and continuing negotiations, temporarily to leave from the agreements contradicting our economic interests. Thus Russia incurs obligations to carry out all agreements from the moment of accession to WTO.

That to us is not favourable today? In the government have refrained from a reality, having let know, however, that we are disturbed too by agriculture. According to experts, speech about agreements on trade in pork, beef and notorious Bush`s legs .

this year it is authorised to importers to import into Russia almost 29 thousand tons of beef, 445 thousand tons of pork and already 1,2 million tons of fowl. And the lion`s share of quotas on Bush`s legs it is given the USA, and on very concessionary terms.