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Anatoly Jurkov has continued the Baikal prayer

Anatoly Petrovich Jurkov - the known Russian journalist and the writer, the graduate of faculty of journalism of the Moscow State University of a name M.V.Lomonosova, the Doctor of Economics, the active participant of protection of Baikal with 60 - h years of the last century and to this day, in the new book Mad love, or Umbrellas for frogs continues the conversation begun by the book the Baikal prayer published in 2006 and received the special diploma of Organizing committee H of the National exhibition - fairs Books of Russia - 2006 .

Anatoly Jurkov here already almost writes fifty years bright publicistic articles and thus always someone protects - the person from an arbitrariness of the authorities; the nature from inconsiderately - the consumer relation to it of greedy predators, which have ordered an Ussuriisk tiger, a root of a ginseng or lake Baikal... And always in the selected theme, despite of sometimes angry reaction of the mighty of this world of different level, goes up to the end. When the critical weight of these articles is ready to blow up literally, it publishes the book. Always the sharp. Always in protection of the person and justice. It and the nature protects, putting an equal-sign between it and the person.

Such it was in the first newspaper in the city of Stupino of Moscow Region where began the proof-reader in 1958, such remained in to Komsomol truth Work the Socialist industry (after January, 1990 - the Working tribune ) . In 1995 has been appointed by the editor-in-chief. In it also works to this day. An observer - since 2001. Writes. It is printed. The same theme: protection of the person and the nature.

... The person will not live without air and a half an hour. Without water - ten days. And without love? The person without love does not happen. By the nature it is not provided. Anatoly Jurkova`s book - about love, but about love thoughtless and mad, though and not only. There is no person on the Earth which on a question, whether he loves the nature, would answer - is not present. The person is considered a unique reasonable being on a planet why often it conducts itself(himself) as the maniac overwhelmed with mad passions? About it Anatoly Jurkova`s book. It expresses the credo clearly and accurately: For reason there are no knowledge borders - it is all-powerful. But it should have one limit and the nobility: a limit of the intervention in the nature. And always to remember: he is a child of the nature. And not the tsar, not God - and its child small. The nature is life our, its most essence. Its secrets will suffice on all mankind to solve throughout millenia, up to Trumpets of jericho .

Speaking about Russia, A.Jurkov underlines: All our history testifies: we - the great people. We have survived during the periods when the history wind blew off from the person of the earth of the nation, too great, as dandelions. They left in anywhere. We have learnt to win, even coming off second-best. And consequently have survived. Remained on the earth the progressing nation. And by it are obliged to itself. Yes to protection Supreme.

But once to win we have turned the national trained ability into the total weapon and began to win all and all. Not so - that aspiring to settle conflicts a world yes ladkom. However, often we became object of not provoked aggression.

For any victory resources - economic, morally - political, human, natural are necessary. As at us natural resources nemerjano, we foolishly have declared at the same time war and the nature. Having forgotten that natural resources ranimee human - many of them are non-recoverable. Also that nature health is health of human generations. Moreover, health of all live on the earth.

It is time to us to think again. And to make the eternal peace equal in rights with the nature. And to struggle for strict performance of conditions of this contract by the whole world to the victorious end. As we are able. To rescue both it, and. Alternatives at us are not present .

the importance, an urgency and gravity of a theme considered by the author at all does not mean that the book is calculated basically on experts, active workers of ecological movement, managers. In spite of the fact that the book of Jurkova is really sated by the data of statistics and in it references to scientific monographies, reports scientifically - research institutes and the centres are contained, it is read easily and with interest. After all besides known scientific and big officials active characters of the book are squirrel Bella and the big motley woodpecker, family of eagle owls and a grey frog, and also, of course, grandsons Jurkova Peter and Misha, the grand daughter Lena. Besides squirrel Bella and the big grey frog sometimes with might and main talk to the author of the book. All it is very organically entered in the general book contents. Its text is dynamical, serious world outlook questions are stated accessible and clear to the mass reader, a living language. Names of heads testify to it and glavok books, for example: the Baikal swing the Damoclean pipe over Baikal Veksha Bella and a red cat About what the head is ill a woodpecker the Nature will be rescued not by public prosecutors sea Revolt the Wise man lives at the Curved seashore the Boy walking on stars .

In one of book episodes fishing which have arranged davnym - for a long time for Yury Gagarin in Komsomolske - on - the Cupid local authorities is described, without knowing, than still to surprise such star visitor. To Jurkovu by a lucky chance as he writes, it was possible to visit on this fishing.

Gagarin have carried to catch kalugu. It is a kind of a sturgeon, ancient by origin fishes. The blossoming they have reached 100 - 200 million years ago when by the ground dinosaurs still wandered. The Cupid lives in the river such kaluga. One of the greatest sturgeons in the world. Anywhere more kaluga does not live, in any other reservoirs. Only in the Cupid and its inflows. Kaluga reaches length as write directories, in three - five metres. Weight - corresponding. And here, Jurkov writes, Gagarin has caught kalugu. On a hook. As it has caught it, One man`s guess is as good as another`s, yes to rare witnesses of that event who about it are silent in a rag. But two large muzhiks have brought before cooking uhi to it that trophy, having pushed it under gills birch valezhinu in a hand in the thickness. They bore it, having substituted shoulders, squatting at each step, and the tail kalugi was dragged on a grass. It was above Gagarin of a head on two, and the chairman rybkolhoza apologised that the small. During time uhi behind toasts and cheerful conversations visitors have gasped, when have learnt that adult kaluga, going on spawning, bears in the belly fifteen - twenty kgs of black caviar, about 4 million berries. And the chairman of collective farm has told out of place:

- No more tyshchi remains.

- Whom there is more thousand? Where?

- In the Cupid. It is no more thousand adult big fishes.

there Has come silence. Who bore a spoon with uhoj to a mouth - the spoon in air has stiffened.

- And here in Amurske industrial complex harmful have constructed - water poisons. Fish absolutely has no place to run.

the Feast, testifies the author of the book, has at once turned sour. But a situation have hushed up, more truly, have washed down. Have discussed even an interdiction entered by the government on lov kalugi, - will give effect or will not give. Since 1958 that interdiction on vylov kalugi operates, Jurkov ascertains, and its all does not increase in the Cupid - the father. As well as the Amur sturgeon. There are signs that their number decreases. And here still the dam of Zejsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION has torn down at once spawning areas of imperial fish...