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Events in South Ossetia have shown that the Russian army is not able to use modern armour

the Representative of the Joint Staff publicly has declared that events in South Ossetia have revealed problems in equipment of army which should be solved urgently.

in any confrontation that at which achievement only military force of the opponent, technical power of its army and objects of a strategic infrastructure is destroyed can be considered as the Pure victory. The dominant role is played thus by modern aircraft and the operated weapon of split-hair accuracy. That actually in South Ossetia from our party was not applied. Why?

In the sky “ the Rook “ and it is terrible

Most often in the military sky flashed “ Rooks “ - Sou attack planes - 25. Appeared more thirty years ago, it has been accepted with delight as worthy continuation of a military legend - well-known Silt - 2.

the Best Soviet attack plane of the end of the XX-th century differed from the best Soviet attack plane of the Great Patriotic War the little. Even tseleukazanie for the Sou - 25 it was carried out and carried out by the aviatipper-of on a radio communication with delivery of very approximate co-ordinates. And how during age-old times, it is drawn on a paper flight map before a departure. No digital district maps put in the onboard computer, at the Sou - 25 are present, as there is no at it a computer and even a radar.

At the slightest heavenly a smoke, especially in twilight, Sous - 25 of terrible fighting birds turn to blind baby birds. To disassemble from height that has appeared at you in a sight - an apartment house or a warehouse with the weapon, base of insurgents - terrorists or camp of federal armies, - - 25 it is almost impossible for pilot Su. And to shoot - that it is necessary!

It is no wonder that already during the first counterterrorism operation in mountains occurrence in air of native attack planes caused disturbing moods not only in insurgents. And inadvertent air blows on the armies was much. And what to speak about unfairly destroyed (it is simple from - for dispersion of rockets and bombs) to a civil infrastructure and  destruction of civilians! Even on inevitable costs of war such losses to write off indecently.

During transient war with the Georgian aggressors it became definitively clear that in the conditions of district densely populated with civilians, there, where positions of the armies and armies of the opponent constantly change, Sou application - 25 is fraught with consequences simply catastrophic.

What to do? Probably, to create attack planes of new generation or at least to modernise fighters the Instant - 29 and the Sou - 27.

the Most various modernizatsionnye the projects transforming fighters, created only for air fight, in multipurpose fighters - bombers, in Russia are! And generals from a general staff of the Air Forces perfectly know about them.

“ Hunters “ for “ sharks “

More than the absurd situation has developed in fighting vertoletostroenii. Almost fifteen years ago the most powerful has been officially accepted on arms in the world fighting helicopter Ka - 50. Distinctive feature of this car that it owing to the coaxial design is very steady at flight in difficult mountain conditions. “ a black shark “ even have tested in fighting conditions in mountains. Responses were the most enthusiastic. However in armies of Ka - 50 and has not appeared. The basic fighting helicopter of Armed forces of Russia remained “ a crocodile “ Mi - 24.

And in the long term all preferences have absolutely unexpectedly given Mi - 28Ν. It has been some years ago officially declared that by Mi - 28Ν (without obligatory competition!) It is accepted on arms as the basic shock fighting helicopter.

to It have named “ the Night hunter “ also have carried to the fifth generation. The state order on more than one hundred these cars has been announced. As far as it is known, developers and manufacturers of Mi - 28Ν have received the huge finance from the military budget under the child. Well and in what our tax deductions are embodied? Where “ Night hunters “ which flying groups dot blows, on idea, for one night should destroy all enemy technics and fighting force within South Ossetia?

High-precision poor progress

that there comes an era of the high-precision weapon, became clear still in the seventies the last century. And the Soviet design thought has quite adequately reacted to time call. The Russian army managed quite good and not so a small high-precision arsenal. And, fairly to tell, it was expected, what exactly dot blows exclusively on the military purposes our army will force an aggressor to the world in South Ossetia. Alas, crushing blows were put not “ in ten “.

Why so happens? The answer to this question has appeared the most simple and the most insulting. Effectively to apply in real fight the high-precision weapon available in arsenals our army it is simple cannot.

Is such “ clever “ a shell “ Krasnopol “. It is ideally suited for application from 152 - mm of a self-propelled gun “ Msta - With “. To amaze with one shell, for example, the enemy tank in movement on removal in twenty with superfluous kilometres, it is necessary to see and illuminate this tank its laser beam. Find and specify the purpose the prospecting group or the flying machine - the scout, including pilotless can. And further all is simple: one shot - one purpose is not present. The battery 152 - mm of guns in some minutes is capable to destroy any, including strengthened and mobile, objects in radius of bombardment by the minimum quantity of ammunition. Thus any civil construction will not be destroyed.

“ Clever “ shells at us are. And much! There are no those who this “ mind “ reasonably to the purpose will finish. Classical artillery investigation simply is not able to work in deep back of the opponent. Its elements - a front strip. Scouts - members of spetsnaz, able to operate in back, do not learn to work in a tandem with the art systems shooting “ Krasnopolem “. Bespilotnikov, capable to try to discover the enemy purposes and to highlight their laser, is not present even in the long term. Here high-precision self-directed shells in warehouses, and guns " also rust; Msta - With “ habitually puljajut usual land mines on the areas.

the Similar situation and with high-precision cruise missiles, and with corrected aerial bombs. Effectively to use such weapon, it is not enough of it to have. It should still to be able use. At purchase “ clever “ the weapon it was necessary to create and debug in parallel far not simple system of its application. And here on it, seemingly, has not sufficed either forces, or means, desire.

GLONASS leaves in “ a zone “

At the first stage of operations it was possible to Georgian gunners to leave from - under retaliation. Affirms that the Georgian military men were helped by the strategic reconnaissance services of the USA supplying Tbilisi by the data from the companions. And our companions where were? However, business not only in space technologies.

There is such remarkable radar-tracking complex of investigation of positions of rockets and artillery, as “ the Zoo - 1 “. In radius of forty kilometres it instantly marks a flying shell and at once defines a shot point. Literally seconds are required for full processing of the purpose and delivery of the data on shooting. In a minute, on idea, the enemy battery should be suppressed an aim reciprocal volley. “ zoos “ in a proper place and in due time why - that has not appeared. Art fire updating went, as well as in the Great Patriotic War, on radionavodke and with a floor-mat. Beat basically on the areas.

the Axiom with suvorovskih times considers that each soldier should keep at a distance in the fighting I build and in the field of battle. Today it is impossible without individual system of satellite positioning. American GPS at the Georgian military men were. Our motor-arrows about own GLONASSe, probably, only heard. Recently it has been declared that to the Russian prisoners will give out bracelets with space systems of navigation - the administration of colonies should know, where there are their wards. And when similar navigators will receive for whom GLONASS first of all and it was created - Armed forces of Russia?