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The state fuel to an alliance EjrJUnion will suffice only till September, 7th

Fuel for the ill-starred alliance, allocated of Rosrezerva under the decision of the head of the government, has arrived only in capital Domodedovo and Krasnoyarsk Emeljanovo. At its other regional airports while wait.

In a press - service Rosrezerva to the correspondent have refused to make comments on a situation on kerosene deliveries. Yesterday vitse - prime minister Sergey Ivanov has assured that already today planes EjrJUnion will work in a planned mode. as of 14. 00 across Moscow on Thursday from 10 detained flights there were only two which under the schedule should take off - he has told. However the fact - flights from Norilsk, Southern - Sahalinska were late at this time.

it is probable, and these planes all - taki will depart. But the state fuel EjrJUnion will suffice only till September, 7th, and that further while it is not known. Next week should pass boards of directors of airlines KrasEjr and Domodedovsky airlines entering into an alliance. According to a number of experts, all goes to gradual fading EjrJUnion therefore suppliers do not wish to give to an alliance fuel more.

However when the majority of them unanimously demand from an advance payment alliance for the fuel, the largest creditor - the trading house Fuel maintenance of the airports - has declared intention to rescue an alliance from bankruptcy. Its president Evgenie Ostrovsky has already directed in Rosimushchestvo and mintrans the statement for desire become the anti-recessionary managing director EjrJUnion . He has declared to the correspondent that if a number " will be now accepted; weak-willed decisions on bankruptcy it will cause monstrous social explosion . In an alliance work 7 thousand persons. Besides, the trust of investors and financial structures to the Russian aviation market, according to Evgenie Ostrovsky, will be undermined. after such bankruptcy any sane financier of money in aircraft will not give - he has underlined. to me aircraft closing as business absolutely not interesting. I would like to return the money, as well as to all other creditors - Ostrovsky has declared. An alliance debt for fuel before the trading house more than 1,5 mlrd roubles.