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The Minister of Education of Moscow suburbs: For school desks for the first time will sit down more than 60 thousand children

Till September, 1st there are few days. How many new schools will fling the doors open in Moscow suburbs? What for the interesting waits in new educational year of pupils? Whether salaries of teachers will raise? These questions has answered on the Business breakfast in Lydia Antonova, the Minister of Education of Moscow Region.

the Minister from teachers

: Lydia Nikolaevna, area always prepares gifts for the beginning of academic year for pervoklashek. Than will please them this time?

Lydia Antonova : the Excellent gift was made by first-graders - their number has grown almost on 3 thousand! For school desks for the first time will sit down more than 60 thousand children. All of them will receive from governor Boris Gromova as a present game the Alphabet of the pedestrian . In it it is possible to play together with mum and the father, and at the same time it will be useful to repeat traffic regulations. Gifts from the governor will receive and more than 30 thousand our class teachers. It will be the book the Family. Art of dialogue with the child which becomes the true assistant in education of children. And by Day of the teacher there is a next almanac Pedagogical dynasties of Moscow suburbs . In it - story continuation about unique teacher`s families.

RG : At you after all too teacher`s roots? Your dynasty has got to the almanac?

Antonova : Our dynasty does not total hundred years. But I am proud of the grandfather. He was born in the end of a XIX-th century in a large family, which vein in village under Grodno. Places nyj the priest who learnt to the reading and writing of the boy to Kohl, has told to it: study further. It has on foot reached Vilnius, and - a surprising case: the country son has arrived in the Vilnius university. Has got education of the teacher of physics. All life was at war - on the First and Second world wars, on Finnish... And then worked as the principal in Moscow. The bright memoirs of my childhood - on 70 - letie the grandfather have come many its graduates who loved the director.

RG : And then you became the principal already?

Antonova : No, I never was the principal - the same as also my parents. Mum headed a bookshop, and the father worked as the builder to educate three children. We were engaged both music, and languages. After 10 - go a class I have chosen pedagogical and then 22 years taught English language at school, and then and at institute. I am a minister from teachers. Every summer together with children left for agricultural works in Moscow suburbs areas, and on the earned money travelled across Russia.

RG : Usually, if pupils love the class teacher its own children do not miss possibility to adjoin this amicable collective. Your daughter went together with you?

Antonova : Yes! Strawberry gathering did not shirk, worked on a level with my pupils though was more younger them. With the graduates we gather till now. I will not hide, I am happy, when I hear that for them the best time was when they studied in my class. But the daughter has decided to become not at once the teacher. Has ended the Moscow institute of biotechnology, then management faculty in the Moscow State University. And now is engaged in design activity in formation.

School on village more than school

RG : First-graders became more, but total number of pupils in area all - taki is reduced?

Antonova: For school desks will sit down more than 562 thousand pupils - on 2 thousand less, than last year. I think, some years still is required to overcome demographic recession.

RG : it is not necessary to close schools from - for shortages of children?

Antonova : the Area tries to keep a network of schools. If the village will be left by school, it is doomed. Any young family not begins to live there. Now there is a process of re-structuring of schools. In the field of 137 malokomplektnyh schools, almost in 20 from them at times 1 - 2 pupils. For example, the brother and the sister. But also such school should exist. We develop base educational institutions in which corresponding resources concentrate, the advanced equipment is established. In them children from the remote villages can study. Thanks to the program the School bus quality education is accessible to all schoolboys of Moscow suburbs.

RG : And teachers do not remain without work?

Antonova : do not remain. Still recently some teachers spoke: I am responsible for the subject, and the family let is engaged in education. Yes, the family should bring up, but without school in this question not to manage. Those teachers at whom the number of lessons was reduced, can pass improvement of professional skill on social pedagogics, psychology - in area corresponding courses are organised. For example, there is a post of the deputy director on safety. That it to occupy, not so necessarily to have a military speciality - it is necessary to pass corresponding training. Since last year the governor has entered additional rates of organizers of teams that each pupil had a possibility to go in for sports at amateur level into the list of staff. And now all schools have not less than one command on a game sport. And all at us - 13 thousand school commands on the most popular sports! Last December the first Games of school commands have taken place, this year we will spend the second.

Robots at lessons

RG : Recently the president of Russia has declared that it is necessary on - new to build additional education system. The area has already responded to an appeal?

Antonova : Yes, in Moscow suburbs receive additional education about 55 percent of pupils - at us an indicator above, than on the average on regions. And it occurs not because good Masha Ivanov goes to three circles and in music school, but thus her brother Petja who costs on the account on affairs of minors, has not registered anywhere. We try to achieve, that each child had a possibility to be engaged in favourite business. One of new problems - to give introduction bases in nanotehnologiju. Recently have spent an exit exposition in the creativity House in Krasnoznamenske. There equipment complete sets " were shown; School technopark which allow to enter children into the world of the digital technologies, new scientific and engineering achievements.

RG : And what is included into this complete set?

Antonova : In it of 5 laboratories, or so-called platforms. For example, the Digital world it is intended for studying of digital technologies, the World of cars and mechanisms - for robotics studying. Laboratory Wildlife and the person helps children to comprehend the basic natural phenomena, and the Nanoworld is a platform for studying nanotehnology. Certainly, to get such complete set for each school while it is difficult. But this year, as well as in the past, in the regional budget it is allocated 98 million roubles for purchase of new computers and the software.

RG : And teachers are ready to work on the new equipment?

Antonova : they have a possibility to receive necessary preparation through a network of the interschool methodical centres. On the basis of the Moscow state regional university the regional methodical centre is opened. With our schoolboys scientists work also. In area some years are created profile camp in directions: technical creativity, sports, ability to survive in extreme conditions, study of local lore, tourism, art creativity... For example, in Noginsk area children were engaged in a robotics. Employment were conducted by teachers of Polytechnical institute. By the way, such gathering for children manage free of charge, and the area only this year has listed 35 million roubles.

the Extra charge for creativity

RG : the Basis of development of branch - economy. How much interests of formation are considered at distribution of budget money?

Antonova: the Budget of our area always is socially directed is a policy of our government. In 2009 for needs of education it will be allocated 94 billion 80 million roubles is on 17 billion more than this year. The average salary on branch makes an order of 21 thousand roubles, and since September, 1st will grow to 22 700 roubles. Last year in 15 territories we have started to approve a modelling technique of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia on which the salary is rigidly fastened with productivity of work. There in April of the teacher received on 23 thousand, since September, 1st we predict growth to 26 100 roubles, and by December - to 32 thousand. From this academic year this technique of charge of the salary when all kinds of activity of the teacher are considered, will be applied in all territories of area.

RG : In Moscow suburbs more than 4 thousand schools. How many from them meet modern requirements?

Antonova : Concept modern conditions of training changes. For example, in the end of the last year under the offer of Minobrnauki of Russia the requirement that at schools were shower has been entered: children after physical culture lessons should make toilet. Certainly, now the shower is not at all our schools. But all new educational institutions meet the most exacting requirements. This year 26 schools will be handed over, from them 10 will open doors on September, 1st.

There are, of course, schools, and very good which settle down in the adapted buildings. But for 3 years about 70 percent are planned to finish quantity of schools which have the complete set of modern conditions. Now such - an order 50 - 60 percent. In some even there are planetaria, sports complexes, spacious stadiums and winter gardens. Practically at each school it is possible to open the theatre - the assembly hall allows.

RG : And, probably, not all can brag of pools?

Antonova : Alas. But now in area sports objects one after another surrender - pupils can visit them even within the limits of lessons. We will tell, last year in settlement the Bolshevik of the Serpukhov area have handed over a sports complex with pool - all children of area float under the schedule. In many areas sports complexes are under construction so that children 2 - 3 schools there could be engaged.

the Sound mind

RG : It is truth, what in the Days of health declared for schools, on skis rise not only teachers, but even employees of a city board of education and the Ministry of Education?

Antonova : Truth. To conduct a healthy way of life, to go in for sports is should become fashionable and prestigious. Then at us the healthy generation will grow. Is better to infect children with a personal example. At us in one of schools of Odintsovo area on morning exercices leave both pupils, and teachers.

RG : And you are on friendly terms with sports?

Antonova : I Try. About 8 years ago for the first time has come to pool. Year floated with the trainer, and now almost every day I overcome not less than 500 metres. Was not in time in the morning - I go in the evening. At us in general the sports government, practically everyone is engaged in any sport.

RG : For health of children important and a food. However, there are families which are compelled to save on it. The area helps such children?

Antonova : a Preferential food is received by 22,5 percent of schoolboys. They are children who are under guardianship, orphans, from needy families. In Moscow Region the law on which the school receives subventions on a food of each pupil operates, but thus itself solves, what category of children to pay dinners completely, and what - partially. We managed to keep a free food (breakfasts and dinners) and for children of initial vocational training. When they leave on vacation, to them give out box lunches. On the average the school breakfast costs 19,5 roubles, a dinner - 30 roubles. But the price raznitsja depending on area. In Silver Ponds, for example, each school has an open classroom of an agricultural orientation. Boys master a trade of the tractor operator, girls learn to conduct a farm. On school fields children grow up such crop of vegetables and berries which allows to provide a school dining room for a year. Here 100 - percentage coverage by a food of schoolboys. We aspire to make similar in all areas.

RG : For the child strengthening of spiritual health is important not less physical...

Antonova : Truly. It is possible to put some means in formation, in culture, in sports and it is not enough of that to achieve, if in state priorities will not stand a family support service, patriotism development. Moscow Region considers for a long time already it as the main thing. We try to tell about good families more. For example, we hold on areas regional meetings of parents for which gather from 500 to 1000 persons. In the autumn such meetings we devote to concrete themes: preparation for service in armies, labour education, a music role in life of the schoolboy... And spring - spiritually - to moral education. Prepare for such meetings and teachers, and children, we invite known people. For example, we had a theme the Family . Schoolboys wrote compositions, removed videoclips. To those families where the harmony reigns, handed over reading and writing and gifts. Reaction shaking. People with tears in the face of spoke: to us not so it is important that you have presented the TV, the main thing - have noticed, have estimated. We spend meetings and for foster homes. By the way, every year them becomes more, as well as adoptive fathers. If before children from children`s homes appropriated for guardianship of the grandmother, now - and young pairs... The united family should become norm of our life then also other problems it will be easier to solve.