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Post-war newspapers in Tshinvale do in a lap

Except the newspaper South Ossetia readers began to receive Republic and osetinojazychnuju Hurzarin . However, two last newspapers are printed while on the multiplying technics.

Circulation of each edition - one thousand copies. Local journalists are grateful to all Russian colleagues shining terrible events. But consider that they understand some things (for example, what information is now more important for inhabitants of South Ossetia) better.

With getting of the information of problems is not present, and here workplaces are crushed. It is necessary to do newspapers in literal sense in a lap. The editor-in-chief of the local youth newspaper Republic Andrey Kochiev has told that right after military operations edition in the truncated structure - from 11 persons only four remained in a city - began to let out analogue of the edition daily: Leaf a format And - 3 under the name the Boomerang . Carried it by cars on areas, distributed on a bakery in Tshinvale. Coming behind bread, people received also the information, so important for them.

Andrey Kochiev during bombardments worked also as the press photographer. The first has embodied a burning building of the destroyed republican university. Its photos have appeared on many information sites. The majority of pictures is published and in the first number of a weekly journal Republic . On the front page - a photo of the destroyed Georgian tank and the signature: It was won . On pages many information materials: where to address for the help, reprints of the official Russian documents, concerning South Ossetia, the publication of leading Russian mass-media.

Now when all edition in gathering, priorities will be given as here speak, author`s journalism. According to Kochieva to analyze an event it and its colleagues will be later. For now it is more important to write down stories of usual people, to transfer grief and sufferings of eyewitnesses of terrible events. To tell about those who protected a city: from three hundred civil guardsmen hundred were lost.

- When we sat in a cellar, after four-hour bombardment have been assured that from a city remains nothing that it is wiped out, - Kochiev tells. - But when left, have seen though and destroyed, and all - taki a city. Speak, in the beginning of our era when have based Tshinval, here have erected more than thirty Christian temples. In due course them remains only three.