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In Russia prepare new standards of formation

On the eve of an academic year on questions of the correspondent the president of the Russian Academy of Education Nikolay Nikandrov has answered.

: Nikolay Dmitrievich over what experts of the main scientific institute in an education sphere now work?

Nikolay Nikandrov: the Main thing now - to finish work on standards of new, second generation. In them we not only update the formation maintenance, but also for the first time we register requirements to structure of educational programs and to results of their development. Children should be able to use the received knowledge in life - and the school should it learn. When standards will earn? I think, it is a question of couple of years.

RG: Already there is their approbation?

Nikandrov: Certainly, since a year before last which - what elements are entered at experimental schools in various regions of Russia.

RG: every year the Ministry of Education and Science confirms the list recommended to use at school of textbooks. On 2008/ 09 academic year in it more than thousand books. Not mnogovato?

Nikandrov: I do not think. The federal list is necessary for us. This means of formation uniform educational and even psychological space of the country. Without such list it is impossible to speak about people education. If any grant has not got to the list is does not mean that the material is lost for school. The teacher can use it as the additional grant. But those textbooks on which learn children at the basic school lessons, should be checked carefully up experts. That does not happen so that in one of textbooks on stories of Russia we in detail get acquainted with heroic generals of Montgomery and Eisenhower who have played a huge role at last stages of the Second World War, and about marshal Zhukov we do not see words.

RG: Graduates who will leave school in the summer of 2009, become the first who will hand over Uniform state examination not in an experimental order. Experts of academy on - former will finish test materials for Unified State Examination?

Nikandrov: I Want to notice that Unified State Examination, being since 2009 the basic way of an estimation of successes of our schoolboys and, so to say, a sieve before receipt in high school, is not the unique tool for this purpose. Certainly, completions in kontrolno - measuring materials are and will be. But it is not necessary to confuse completion and processing. We speak now about the first. Also it is not necessary to be afraid of some things, which ill-wishers define as lacks.

For example, say that the professor of physics, the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, cannot solve any tasks Uniform. In - the first, it also should not. KIMy are made under the school program. And then, they are developed so that only one person on 10 thousand garantirovanno can type the maximum 100 points. And, I assure you, probability of casual correct hit bad shot it is not so great, as it is accepted to speak about it.

I Will remind that the idea of Unified State Examination is the Russian invention whoever that spoke. In 1906 Ivan Tolstoy was the minister of education in Russia. In the book Notes about the Russian education he wrote, what not the school and not high school should solve, to whom to be and to whom not to be the student. There should be special commissions in all provinces of Russia which would estimate schoolboys independently.