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The Ulyanovsk teachers will pass examinations after a failure of pupils for Unified State Examination

In Ulyanovsk   start at once two educational experiments. On September, 1st check up the literacy all wishing townspeople can. And here local teachers are waited by obligatory test. After criticism of Minister of Education and Science Fursenko for bad delivery by local schoolboys of Unified State Examination regional officials from formation have decided to subject to similar testing of teachers. To find out - badly learn or badly study.

Idea to spend in a city the General dictation (so officially is called the action) belongs to the Ulyanovsk club of secular education. Two years ago their project For Russian! ( a dawn! ) Has been supported by the presidential grant, and since then in the homeland of the leader of world any proletariat of the action in support of literacy and the standard of speech became the constant phenomenon. It is enough to tell that Ulyanovsk a unique city of the country where the help service rus - skogo language works. Any interested person can call by here to phone and receive consultation about correctness of application or a writing of this or that word.

the Place for carrying out of a city dictation chooses one of the most brisk points of a city. Within three hours it will be offered to all interested person to fill forms of a dictation with the passed punctuation marks and letters. As tests organizers have decided to use fragments from products History of one city Saltykova - Schedrin and Regional ohms great fellow countryman Ivan Goncharov. In each dictation about fifty five tasks. To all who will receive the five Valuable prizes - spelling dictionaries are promised.

- This action urged to set thinking people how much they are competent, and to raise desire to raise educational level, - the project head " has told to the correspondent; the Dawn! Maxim Terljaev. - the Person who will see that at it of fifty percent of answers wrong, probably, will reflect. It is necessary for even not so much people, how many to a society as a whole. That all of us were competent.

Unlike ordinary townspeople for whom participation in city check on literacy business especially voluntary, the Ulyanovsk teachers it is subjected to obligatory testing. To go on so drastic measures of local officials from formation have compelled failure results of delivery of Unified State Examination. This year almost third of graduates have received the two on the mathematician.

In a formation municipal government underline that der - all teachers without an exception will press examination. Testing will begin in September and will be spent under the same forms in which schoolboys passed the Unified State Examination. However, as have assured the correspondent in regional minobrazovanija, dismissal lagging behind does not threaten - them will send on courses of improvement of qualification.

About plans to set teachers for school desks officials already have informed the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. During recent visit to Ulyanovsk Andrey Fursenko has underlined that the decision regions about it should accept. Thus he recognised that a question of deficiency of the qualified teachers one of the sharpest for all country.