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Al - Kaida planned to arrange acts of terrorism in the south of Russia

Yesterday the director of FSB of Russia, the chairman of National antiterrorist committee (NAK) Alexander Bortnikov has held in Nizhni Novgorod meeting with heads of the antiterrorist commissions of subjects of the Russian Federation of Privolzhsky federal district (PFO) and members of the State boundary commission.

At a meeting it was said that in the North Caucasus attacks on representatives of authorities, law enforcement officers, military men and civilians do not stop. Despite all measures accepted by power structures, quantity of crimes remains high. Gangsters continue to plan acts of terrorism the majority from which have been stopped during the address special actions of anticipatory character spent in Dagestan, Ingushetia, Kabardino - Balkarii and the Chechen Republic. A significant amount of fire-arms, ammunition, components of explosives and the literature of extremist sense is withdrawn.

- In a course operatively - search actions the data about so-called " is obtained; Bulgarsky dzhamaate created by leaders Al - Kaidy . A part of its emissaries after passage of diversionary and religious ideological preparation to camps Al - Kaidy and Movements the Taliban have been directed on territory of the Russian Federation for creation of extremist cells and conducting terrorist activity, - the director of FSB has informed.

Alexander Bortnikov has told that on August, 20th in Republic Bashkortostan criminal activity of the group of persons, were members " has been stopped; Bulgarsky dzhamaata which prepared for fulfilment of scale acts of terrorism. He also has added that in the conditions of an aggravation of the operative conditions connected with an attack of armed forces of Georgia on settlements of South Ossetia and on the Russian peacemakers, prospecting and diversionary activity of the Georgian special services has essentially increased.

- Security service stops illegal activity of their nine agents from among the Russian citizens who conducted investigation of military facilities and prepared acts of terrorism in territory of Russia, - Bortnikov has reminded.

Besides, leaders of bandit groups, including members Al - Kaidy plan to use situation complication on southern boundaries of the country for preparation of acts of terrorism. In a risk zone first of all there are objects of an infrastructure. In this connection, as he said, it is necessary to take additional measures on maintenance of antiterrorist security in sphere of transport, the industry, power of life-support and in places of mass stay of people.

Alexander Bortnikov also has noticed that the analysis arriving in NAK information testifies to considerable decrease in middle age of participants of bands: involved in numbers of terrorist and extremist structures the youth is exposed to purposeful brain washing on the basis of ideas of religious extremism.

During agenda discussion before the antiterrorist commissions and emergency response centres there were tasks in view increases of efficiency of counteraction to distribution to region of ideology of terrorism and work activization on it is information - to propaganda illumination of spent antiterrorist actions . Also the measures directed on increase of coordination of actions of the territorial power of subjects of the Russian Federation and local governments at the organisation of actions for liquidation of consequences of possible acts of terrorism have been developed. Members of the State boundary commission consider questions of strengthening of boundary safety of the Russian Federation in PFO. Control over a course of realisation of the planned actions is assigned to device NAK and the Frontier service of FSB of Russia.