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On spot-check of Suhuma there are eight Russian ships

On   to sea measures absolutely small distance in one and a half hundreds kilometres divides today the Russian ships and NATO sea grouping.

Black sea has turned blue from an abundance of dark blue flags of the military block. Ten destroyers and NATO frigates ply at coast of Georgia, eight more ships of an alliance - on the way. And on spot-check of Abkhazian Suhuma the Andreevsky flag is lifted by eight Russian ships.

Such silent opposition instal clear alarm. And narrow-minded conversations on possibility of the direct conflict. Such situation is how much dangerous? Experts assert that such purpose for certain is not present at NATO command and especially - ours. In the NATO management deny the fact of escalating of sea presence at region. And presence there the ships explain for a long time the planned doctrines. The chief Novorossisk military - sea base Sergey Menjajlo before an exit of our ships of grouping too has explained, than they will be engaged at coast of Abkhazia.

- the Ships carry out of a problem on maintenance of peace and stability in region, - an admiral has told. Is a control of maritime belt of Abkhazia, and also a non-admission of transportation of the weapon. We carry out also humanitarian mission.

it is the most difficult to trace to the Russian seamen demilitarisation of a zone of the conflict. Customs functions at them are not present. And to rise aboard the American destroyer MakFol or the patrol ship of a coast guard of the USA Dalles anyway anybody would not allow them. Though it is known that this week from them something unloaded in the Georgian port of Batumi. Under the official version of the NATO - the foodstuffs, a bed and clothes. But there is no confidence that together with peace cargoes the weapon for Saakashvili has not got.

But as hope in the Russian Joint Staff, occurrence in Suhuma of eight ships under the Andreevsky flag will cool some hotheads in Tbilisi.

However, about frenzied Saakashvili now speak less. Much more - about the vis-a-vis of the Russian and NATO fleet in Black sea can terminate in what unexpected. The greatest pessimists have started talking almost about a prelude to new war. Suddenly will start to scorch each other in the main calibre, will start in the sky of the rocket and - write was gone. Such fears inspire the arsenals collected today in this sea region. They are very serious. NATO destroyers and frigates have onboard cruise missiles the Tomahawk intended for destruction of large land objects on removal more than 2500 kilometres. And Tomahawks are capable to bear nuclear charges. And these rockets onboard a destroyer, according to some information, fifty.

we Speak theoretically As natovtsy perfectly know that in Russia reliable antimissile defence, and a rocket cruiser " is created; Moscow will instantly react to any provocation. This ship in the West have not casually nicknamed the murderer of aircraft carriers . 16 protivokorabelnyh complexes the Volcano are capable to sink grouping and grow larger that that today has got off near the Georgian coast.

long it is not necessary to wait for the Outcome of this psychological drama. So-called humanitarian operation of the NATO in Black sea, almost coincided on time with alliance doctrines in this region, started in the middle of August. The convention of Montreux accepted, by the way, in interests of Turkey - a present member of the North Atlantic alliance, - limits stay in Black sea American, German, Polish and Spanish military ships three weeks. This term comes to an end. Hardly the Turkish government to please to someone`s ambitions will agree to offer the international authority and will allow to break the convention.

the file

NATO Grouping in Black sea

1. A destroyer of Naval Forces of the USA MakFol

2. The Patrol ship of a coast guard of the USA Dalles

3. A German frigate Luebeck

4. The Spanish frigate Admiral Juan de Borbon

5. The Polish frigate General Pulaski

6. The fighting ships of Naval Forces of Turkey

All - 10 fighting ships. On the way 8 more ships, including the flagship 6 - go fleet of the USA Maunt Uitni

Group of the Russian Navy at coast of Abkhazia

1. A rocket cruiser Moscow

2. The big landing ships

3. The rocket ships and boats

All - 8 fighting ships. Besides, the Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation has about 40 ships, submarines and sea aircraft.

the Basic characteristics of a destroyer MakFol

Range of swimming - 4400 miles

Speed of a course - 20 knots

Crew - 346 persons, in t. ch. 22 officers

Arms - two installations of vertical start-up on 90 rockets the Tomahawk with range of shooting over 2500 kilometres; antiaircraft guided missiles the Standard With range of shooting about 70 kilometres; protivokorabelnye rockets ASROS (16,5 km); two chetyrehzarjadnye launchers protivokorabelnyh rockets the Harpoon with range of shooting of 130 kilometres. Besides, on a destroyer is available 127 - mm artillery installation Mk45 (rate of fire of 20 shots in mines, range - to 23 km) and short-range art installation the Volcano - Falanks .

ship radar stations allow to carry out the circular review with range of action to 400 km.

the Basic characteristics of a rocket cruiser Moscow

Displacement - to 11 280 tons

Length - 186 metres

Speed of a course - 32 knots

Range of swimming - 6000 miles

Crew - 510 persons

Arms - 16 protivokorabelnyh rockets the Volcano with range of flight of 550 km; 8 it is antiaircraft - rocket installations of a complex the Reef with a unit of fire of 64 rockets; ZRK the Wasp - MA with a unit of fire of 48 rockets; 533 - mm torpedo tubes; jet depth-charge mortars; artillery installations AK - 130 and AK - 630. The cruiser is armed with helicopter Ka - 27.

That such the convention of Montreux

the Convention of Montreux has been accepted at conference in Switzerland in July, 1936 in which have taken part the USSR, Turkey, Great Britain, France, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Yugoslavia, Australia and Japan. This document has established a mode of a finding of the ships and courts in Black sea. The convention keeps behind trading courts of all countries pass freedom through passages both in peace, and in a wartime. However the mode of pass of the military ships is distinguished concerning the Black Sea and not Black Sea states. For the military ships of not Black Sea powers essential restrictions on a class (take place only small surface ships) and on the tonnage are entered. The general tonnage of warships of not Black Sea states in Black sea should not exceed 30 thousand tons (with possibility of increase of this minimum to 45 thousand tons in case of increase military - naval forces of the Black Sea countries) with term of stay of no more than 21 days. In case of participation of Turkey in war and also if Turkey considers that it is threatened directly with war, the right to resolve or forbid pass through passages of any warships is given it. During war in which Turkey does not participate, passages should be closed for pass of warships of any at war power.

direct speech

Igor Kasatonov , the former first deputy of the commander-in-chief of the Navy of Russia, an admiral:

- If to take only the ships a parity of potential of the Russian Black Sea fleet and planned grouping of an alliance - in favour of the NATO. But, if it is required, Russia will involve all kinds of Armed forces, including aircraft. Therefore we can tell the NATO: whether It is impossible to choose far away for walks a back street? .

the alliance Ships - not Black Sea states - cannot be in Black sea more than three weeks. For performance of arrangements of Montreux by the international authority Turkey answers. Therefore, I think, connection of the NATO ships both has come, and will leave. Someone will leave in five days, someone in three weeks. Basically it is possible, but it is improbable that the NATO will take such step as change of one ships with other each three weeks, not to break the international arrangements.

And in general the concentration of such forces in the given region is purely military - a political action directed on support by Saakashvili. If to speak about the third world war tomorrow - the day after tomorrow it it will not be exact.

Now, as to possibilities for time basing in Abkhazia of the ships of our Black Sea fleet. The part of the ships if necessary can be placed in Ochamchire where earlier there was a point of basing of frontier guards. Most likely, any buildings, shelters, moorings, watch facilities there have remained. With use of experience and necessary material means to create a parking lot for our ships there it is possible.