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In the Vladimir high school have started to prepare restorers

the Speciality restoration it is organised in the Vladimir high school at the initiative of local artists and restorers.

In Vladimir region three and a half thousand monuments of architecture, nearby 70 from them - federal value. Among these 70 - eight monuments Old Russian belokamennogo architecture. By estimations of experts, 80 percent of all monuments of region need restoration...

young experts will help to solve the Problem of safety of a heritage. A new speciality restoration it is opened on art - graphic faculty of the Vladimir state humanitarian university. On the first course it is enlisted ten persons.

the Trade of the restorer in Vladimir region can be received in Suzdal artly - restoration school. The professional lycee 15 in Vladimir prepares restorers decoratively - art paintings and modelled products. However it is establishments of average and initial vocational training accordingly. Now in Vladimir region will prepare restorers and with higher education. VGGU became the third under the account high school of the country after Moscow and St.-Petersburg, preparing restorers.

- Pervonachalo to us has arrived forty three statements, - the responsible secretary of a selection committee of high school Yury Orlov tells. - entrance examinations were sustained by twenty one person. And ten have reached competition. We have come to a conclusion that today this speciality is extremely claimed. And consequently it is literally at the last minute, to pleasure of entrants, have thrown on restoration from musical faculty in addition five budgetary places. In numbers of students have been enlisted all.

The niche in an education system and in restoration process of the country is occupied many years with the Suzdal restoration school. In Vladimir a speciality the artist - the restorer for a long time it is fixed to professional lycee 15. But directors and teachers are convinced: works will suffice all.

- Now in restoration it is so much problems that superfluous in this sphere be simple cannot, - the teacher of the Suzdal restoration school Yury Zagodenko considers. - Restorers are always necessary and in book business, and in work with a stone, with a tree, with metal, and in easel painting. For example, our children co-operate with all known museums of the country. To us to school on restoration bring works and from Russian museum, and from the Tretyakov gallery. We with a set of students and with employment of graduates do not test problems.

it is competent

Alexander Skvortsov, the head Vladspetsrestavratsii :

is there will be one of the most elite specialities of area on whom our organisation lays hopes very much. The Vladimir earth is rich with architecture monuments, and to be engaged in them real professionals should. But today, unfortunately, the people who do not have to it any relation come to restoration. The high school problem - to prepare highly skilled restorers that they could and supervise, and professionally resist to a strong impact of commercial restoration which gets today unprecedented popularity. We will give a special place to special disciplines which employees of our enterprise should spend. In preparation of experts we will be guided not only by Vladimir region, but also to all Russia.