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In the Kurgan region in mayors pensioners and the unemployed

In the Kurgan region stand on October, 12th will pass elections in 27 municipal unions. Thus only at eight heads have expired terms of appointment, and at 16 they are stopped ahead of schedule. And only one operating head of the Village Soviet has proposed the nominee repeatedly.

the Greatest attention to forthcoming elections, predictably, will be chained to elections of heads of Mishkinsky and Chastoozersky areas, and also to elections of the deputy Kurgan gordumy in connection with the vacancy released there (one of elects has got under court for extortion and has been deprived the deputy mandate).

For a post of the head of Mishkinsky area applied seven candidates, it is registered - five. To one it is refused from - for excess of quantity of doubtful signatures, another - the unique woman - has removed the nominee. The head of Chastoozersky area six applicants originally would like to become, but registration there have passed only four. One has not given subscription lists, at another the quantity of doubtful signatures has exceeded admissible level.

Present campaign - training before elections in a regional thought that will take place in one and a half year

Most of all applicants it is registered on elections in the Kurgan municipal duma - nine. And in the beginning 13 persons wanted to try the luck, but four have withdrawn from - for problems with petition and entering of selective pledge. It is interesting that in gordumu the candidates have put forward all parliamentary political parties in spite of the fact that terms of appointment of deputies expire in March, 2010. Observers regard it as training before elections in a regional thought that will take place in one and a half year.

Registration of candidates on elections in village councils still proceeds and will come to the end on September, 5th. But already it is now clear that the big competition here will not be. It, by the way, have shown and the elections which have passed on August, 31st of the head of Tverdyshsky village council of Kargapolsky area. There elections also passed from - for preschedule additions of powers by the operating head. Its place has involved only two candidates. Olga Podarueva has won samovydvizhenka, the seller of local shop. For it 74,3 percent of the voters who have come on elections have voted. The expert of village council Olga Puzyreva has typed only 22,3 percent of votes. In voting has taken part 148 of 262 (56,5 percent) inhabitants of settlement. Such tendency, seemingly, will remain and on elections of heads of the Village Soviets on October, 12th.

In executive powers of municipal unions 29 candidates from " were put forward; an United Russia 59 - self-promoted workers, on one candidate from LDPR and Fair Russia . Among candidates 44 (54 percent) - heads of real sectors of economy, 20 (25 percent) - jobless, and also three businessmen and three pensioners.

In representative bodies of all it was put forward five candidates from an United Russia on one - from LDPR, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Fair Russia and Country party, 14 - self-promoted workers. It is more than half (61 percent) candidates represent a strong half.

In the meantime

last candidates of Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk area Yesterday are registered. Self-promoted workers - the deputy director of machine-building factory Dmitry Zhdanov and the Chelyabinsk lawyer Alexander Filatov, collecting signatures became them. Thus, in by-election four applicants for the mandate - in the Central district participate on five candidates in Korkinsky and Gornozavodsky districts. Voting will pass on October, 12th.