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Building of the first Kaliningrad avtobana has left without road of inhabitants of several settlements

Rates of building the Seaside ring are equal to rates of destruction of an old Guards line on which on future avtoban carry sand from an open-cast mine.

So inhabitants of several settlements who are along this highway, situations which have actually appeared by hostages confirm.

Settlements Fish, Kamenka, Komsomolsk, Ozerki are a maximum in a half an hour of driving from Kaliningrad. However in a reality for work in the regional centre inhabitants of settlements should reach much longer. The reason - the broken line. Along the edges the road cloth is broken off that has made and without that rather narrow proezzhuju a part still already. On some sites of the car can simply not part, if one of them does not move down on a roadside. Besides, on all road deep hollows or, on the contrary, vzdyblennyj asphalt - drivers try to round them, often leaving thus on a counter strip. Recently, with the building beginning the Seaside ring on this line never-ending streams of lorries were pulled. Near to Komsomolska there is an open-cast mine. From it carry to a future place avtobana a natural building material. As inhabitants speak, and without that bad road have broken mnogotonniki which besides no means always observe traffic regulations.

- Each my trip to Kaliningrad is a stress, - Oksana Poltavtseva speaks. Daily it carries from Komsomolska of children in a city garden, and then goes for work. - literally one of these days I leave from - for turn, and on my strip directly to me in a forehead the cargo waggon rushes. If I have not stopped at all - collision would be not to avoid. I understand that the driver went there where there are less than holes. And in general the big cars already simply are not located on the strip. But after all consequences from such driving can be the most pitiable. I do not say already that frequently drivers of supersize transport basically neglect traffic regulations, managing on such road to be dispersed to 90 - 100 kilometres per hour and to fly by, without reducing speed, through our settlements. And still they do not cover the cargo. As - that I went for such KamAZom gruzhennym a pebble. These small pebbles flied to me directly to a windshield. And when I then have caught the driver in shop, he to me has told: Suffer, we build road .

- rains will soon go, then there will come winter - we simply do not represent that will be with this line, - inhabitants Ozerkov Arcady and Nadezhda Kokoshko speak. - Already now on a problem site from Kaliningrad to Komsomolska there are places where passing a part crashes Downwards on half-metre - legkovushke not to pass at all. On hearings, road promised to make this year. But, as they say, things are right where they started.

Inhabitants of Komsomolska wanted to write the corresponding letter to the governor and to collect signatures of all local motorists. And have then given up as a bad job and have decided to go on other way: if the next hole on the road, filled in with a rain, becomes the reason of serious breakage of the car, they will address in courts. And to demand from responsible persons to compensate not only expenses on repair, but also moral harm.

In the government of area line major repairs have promised to make next year. As the chief of department of operation, repair and the maintenance of highways of regional government of a road economy Anatoly Kolesnik has explained, has happened unforeseen protjazhka in time:

- This road we planned to put in order last year. Has brought us the project institute which has tightened terms of delivery of the project of reconstruction of a road cloth. And this documentation is not ready till now. Under the law to start works it is possible only after the project will be confirmed and the auctions between dorozhno - the building organisations are held. Therefore in this season, till the winter, dorozhniki will not have time to make anything. Now we have agreed with the company which carries sand from an open-cast mine on this road on under construction the Seaside ring that they podlatajut holes also will forge roadsides. Movement here really intensive. But that on Guards road now there goes supersize transport, it is necessary to reconcile - the detour is not present, and to build avtoban it is necessary.

the comment

Yury Kazakov, the head of department of traffic police of the Department of Internal Affairs across the Kaliningrad region:

- it is valid, scale working out of an open-cast mine Komsomol has led to that on a site of a highway Kaliningrad - Znamensk - Ozersk - Gusev - Neman with 1 on 13 - j the kilometre goes process of constant deterioration of operational characteristics proezzhej parts. From - for movements of supersize cars with sand, weight to 60 tons, various defects of a covering proezzhej parts which can become the accompanying reason of occurrence of road accident were formed. We already involved in administrative responsibility Guards district Society for the Promotion of Motoring and Road Improvement for infringement of rules of repair and the highway maintenance. Besides, in May of this year employees of management of traffic police by means of mobile laboratory of road inspection made gaugings of operational characteristics proezzhej parts. As it was found out, defects repeatedly exceed the admissible sizes. And as the loop road to Komsomol open-cast mine is not present, sand transportation in this case should be carried out by cars load-carrying capacity no more than 20 tons. By the way, we have already directed representations to the government of area and balansoderzhatelju highways - to management of a road economy of area. The last promised that works on restoration of operational characteristics of a line will begin since August, 30th of this year.


According to the traffic police, in area on breakdown susceptibility it is considered the first, as it is strange, one of the best under the operational characteristics a federal line - Kaliningrad - Chernyakhovsk - Nesterov. On the second place road Kaliningrad - Baltiysk, on the third - Kaliningrad - Polessk. As Natalia Didenko has noticed the senior state inspector on propagation of regional management of traffic police, the unsatisfactory condition of road can be an accompanying condition of occurrence of road accident. But the main things in case of failure still have the human factor: drivers simply do not observe traffic regulations. The great number of infringements is connected with excess of the established speed. From 705 Kaliningrad region registered in territory from the beginning of this year of road accident 576 have occurred because of drivers.